Your Body is Your Temple

The Reiki Place now offers a virtual Spiritual Gathering for like-minded people. We meet once a month on the first Sunday of the month. Gatherings are held online via Zoom. 

At The Reiki Place we believe your body is your sacred temple. It is the vessel that God gave you to house your soul as you navigate your sacred mission on the Earth Plane. 

We are not taught how to care for this precious body of ours. We are raised into a society and a culture that teaches us if we are sick then we should take medicine. Most medicines today are based on chemicals, not natural herbs and remedies. Chemicals alter the body's natural balance. Your body is an amazing machine designed to heal itself. If we were taught as young children how to manage our energy body we would never get sick. The miracle of Reiki, Biofield Tuning and Homeopathy (and in fact all energy medicine systems) is that they help the body heal itself by removing energetic blocks in the mind, body, spirit system. 

The HealthSpring Spiritual group honors the body's sacred ability to heal itself. As such we do not believe in taking artificial vitamins and minerals, we do not believe in food that contains preservatives and chemical additives and we do not believe in altering the body's immune abilities through artificial means such as vaccinations. 

Instead we encourage individuals to explore the power of positive affirmations for correcting imbalances in the energy. We also recommend energy healing modalities to be performed proactively. The energy field is the primary ingress of ill health. This opinion was held by Dr. Valerie Hunt, (now deceased) former Professor Emeritus of UCLA. Dr. Hunt proved the existence of the human biofield and performed many experiments proving that all illness begins in the energy field before it becomes manifest in the human body. 

If you would like to attend one of our gatherings please register below. Use the contact me form at the very bottom of this page to register (select Mary as your practitioner) and we will be happy to register you for our monthly gatherings. Sometimes our emails are sent to spam so be sure to check your Spam folder if you don't hear back within 48 hours. 

The next gathering is Sunday September 5th at 10 am Mountain. When you register you will receive a link. Thank you!

Mary Fielder is an ordained Holistic Health and Healing Minister by Ecclesiology Inc.  

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