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If you prefer to make payments

We want to make our services affordable to you and so we are please to offer several different ways you can pay for classes or for homeopathy services. Payments are not available for Reiki or for Biofield Tuning sessions. If you are on disability or medicare please ask me about discounts. 

Venmo: You can make self-paced payments in advance of your class. You choose the amount and the frequency of the payment. Message me to get registered and I will record your payments. When you are fully paid up, you are eligible for the class of your choice. Your last payment may be made on the day of class. Contact me to register and for my Venmo address. For homeopathy clients, you must pay at least 50% of the cost by the day of your consultation and the other 50% no later than one month after the initial consultation. 

Paypal: When you select PayPal you have the option to choose 4 installments or pay monthly. This arrangement is between you and PayPal. PayPal is available as a payment option when you sign up for class. If you wish to sign up through my contact form, or if you wish to make payments for homeopathy sessions contact me for my PayPal address. 

Splitit: For Reiki classes you can now select Splitit at registration. Splitit lets you choose the number of payments you wish to make and it uses your preferred credit card. You will be automatically charged each month for the amount you choose. Since the system uses your preferred credit card, you are not required to undergo a credit check and there are no interest fees. To choose this option, register for class and select Splitit at checkout. I will receive your registration and the payments for your class when you make them. With this option I carry all the risk of you defaulting on your payments. For that reason you will be eligible to take the class when you have made at least 50% of the required amount and your certificate will be held until full payment has been made. Full payment must be received no later than 3 months after taking the class. 

Refunds: If you change your mind or you are unable to attend the class after making payments my standard refund policy applies. Your deposit amount is non-refundable but it can be applied to any future class within a 24 month period. Please read the class descriptions as deposit amounts vary. 

Your balance is refundable up to 7 days prior to class and then can be applied to a future class within a 24 month period. If I have paid any processing fees on your payments those will be subtracted from the refund amount. 

If you are unsure or have other questions please do feel free to contact me. The link below will take you to my contact form. You can also text or call me at 719.314.5974 or email me:

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