A Suicide Victim Asks Forgiveness From Mom

By Julie Speetjens, Holy Fire® Karuna Master and Evidential Medium

Readings can truly bring about healing to souls on BOTH sides, as shown in my session involving a man who crossed over from suicide.

As I closed my eyes to “tune in” to Spirit, I suddenly found myself sitting in the back seat of a Cessna airplane behind a male pilot with brown hair. I knew he was learning to fly and I felt he was in his 30’s, though I could not see his face. I was reminded of my brother, who earned his private pilot’s license many years ago. Additionally, I felt there would be a connection to a “D” name and a size 15 dress shoe. So, I asked Sheri (names changed for privacy) to confirm a brother connection. Her deceased brother-in-law had his private pilot’s license and her husband, whose name is Dan, wears a size 15 dress shoe. Following her validation, I realized that my neck was feeling sore and my heart was suddenly overcome with heavy grief and remorse. The sense of sadness was so powerful that my eyes began to water as I realized what he was communicating.

I felt as though I was swamped under a dark purple haze. I asked Sheri if her brother-in-law had brought about his own crossing, and if so, in a manner that I would feel around my neck. She confirmed that she understood this information.

Please tell Mom that I am SO very sorry for the pain I caused her”. It was an urgent plea and one of the clearest, most visceral and heartfelt messages I’ve yet relayed during a Reading. Not only was he feeling his mother’s grief, he was making me feel it. Sheri’s brother-in-law then made me aware that he is now working on the Other Side much like a suicide hotline counselor, with other souls who have crossed in a similar fashion. He is helping them with their atonement, and to understand how they could have handled the situation better. Just as we are here to learn and grow on Earth, our souls continue to progress on the Other Side.

As the session continued, I relayed that the anniversary of his passing was coming up and that he wanted the family to change the tone of the day to be one of joy rather than sadness. He asked that they tell funny stories about him and share fond memories, rather than focusing on how his life ended. Sheri confirmed that the anniversary was within the month, and she promised to pass the message on to her mother-in-law.

Several weeks later, Sheri attended another small group Reading with me. I became aware of a man in Spirit with a brother relationship to someone in the group and a “D” name connection. With my eyes closed, I saw a brunette man in his 30’s, smiling and carefree in a colorful shirt, happily fishing in a boat on a beautiful lake on a warm, sunny day. Sheri announced that her deceased brother-in-law had been an avid fisherman and had a lake house.

Sheri confirmed that she had relayed his apology and the details of her Reading to her mother-in-law, who had found tremendous comfort in knowing that not only was her son ‘alive’ and well, but also that he was learning and helping others… that there was some good coming out of her loss. I then understood that receiving his mother’s forgiveness had relieved him from his overwhelming sense of remorse. He told me that he would now be able to visit his mother in her dreams! Through the opportunity to offer his mother his sincere apology, and her subsequent forgiveness for the unspeakable pain caused by his tragic passing, both had begun the healing process and the lines of communication had been opened again.

Our bonds of love are truly everlasting and our loved ones in Spirit are eager to communicate with us. I stand ready and willing to open my heart and mind to help you and your loved ones have your moment in the sunshine.

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