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Make Anger Work For You and Avoid Gall Bladder Problems

Don't let your anger make you sick. Instead let it make you productive.

Suppressed Anger can lead to Gall Bladder issues
Feeling angry as a lion?

Feeling angry and trying not to feel angry is very different from not feeling angry. When you feel angry but don’t release that anger, it builds up inside of you and gets stored in the body as toxins leading to headaches and digestive issues. Gall Bladder, liver, stomach, spleen and pancreas are all affected by suppressed anger. 

When we get angry we subconsciously hold our breath - think about breathing in and holding it in. This is where the transfer takes place energetically from the anger we feel in our mind to our diaphragm in the body through the diaphragm chakra, just below the heart.

When I have someone on the Reiki table and I find a block in the diaphragm there is always a note of suppressed anger, frustration or general irritability impeding that person’s ability to find inner peace and happiness. 

Anger can be associated with the solar plexus chakra too, causing multiple types of imbalances in the digestive system, including the production of seratonin. Your intestine is the largest producer and consumer of seratonin, the mood regulating hormone, and when seratonin production is messed up as a result of an imbalanced solar plexus then physical digestive issues will be the result. 

In Ancient Chinese Medicine, the liver is considered the commanding general of the body. It’s primary job is to filter toxins, separating the good stuff from the bad stuff, and directing the storage of vitamins, minerals, fat and so on. As part of the digestive system it is governed by the solar plexus chakra and is closely associated physically with the gall bladder. Your gall bladder is first in line for attack due to anger and frustration. Gall bladder malfunction prevents you from absorbing and using fats - it messes up your metabolism and becomes a source of physical pain. 

Think of the expression: “They had the gall to tell me… such and such…” Gall is the bile, it’s that nasty bitter stuff that comes up when you throw up. It’s the nasty bitter stuff that we stuff down in our minds because we don’t want to process it or because we think it's bad to be angry out loud.

A reiki treatment rebalances the chakras and restores the body and the mind to a place of calmness and peace. Homeopathy addresses the resultant physical issues of gall bladder, liver, respiratory difficulties, and so on. Biofield tuning addresses the deep rooted causes of being angry at the world, angry at your parents, angry about your upbringing, your job and so on and thus helps you come to a place of peace within yourself. After these kinds of treatments you will find that you arrive at a place where stuff just doesn’t get to you like it used to. Energy healing smoothes and removes the triggers that cause us to get angry in the first place. That is when the true healing can begin.

In the meantime, you can help yourself process anger by acknowledging it and giving it space within you to exist. It’s not wrong to be angry; it’s human and often it’s justified. Especially if you have suffered as a child at the hands of an adult. Seek to find healthy outlets for your anger, give it a voice, give it expression. I’m not talking about getting into a fight with the person who caused your anger. Often they are oblivious and won’t understand what you are so worked up about. People don’t usually make us angry on purpose. It’s a side effect of them projecting their own inner pain or insecurity outwards to others. We are just in their line of fire. So use your anger as a catalyst. There is a lot of dynamic energy in anger if you allow it to be there inside you and it can propel you like the wind behind your back into doing something positive, something creative, something worthwhile and that will come to you in the form of joy and satisfaction. 

When you learn to give your anger space within you and allow it expression through you, you become a healthier, happier version of yourself. And the more you practice directing it into positive actions, the better you get until you move to a place where you truly don’t get that angry any more.

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