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My Adventures with Karuna Reiki®

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Sun breaks through the canopy on Mt. Kurama

I received my Karuna Reiki® ignitions on Mount Kurama in Japan, the same mountain where Usui Sensei discovered his own gift of Reiki. I lay against an ancient cedar tree as William Rand guided us to the light and spoke the words, “as you gaze up at the clouds you see a light...” At that exact moment I felt the light across my face, and I opened my eyes. Looking up I was in the middle of a circle of dozens of tall cedar trees extending upwards, as it seemed, endlessly to the sky, and there were clouds above the canopy on this almost rainy day. William continued “this is no ordinary light... it’s coming from the highest heaven...” and as he said those words, the sun peeped out from behind the cloud and I felt its sudden warmth on my face, and I was bathed in light.

I came home full of confidence. I could feel the strength of my Reiki as though it resonated through my whole body. Empowered with 8 new symbols I felt ready to help my clients through any difficulties they were facing. And indeed, my regular clients could feel the difference in my Reiki energy. It was more powerful and took them deeper into their healing journeys.

But it wasn’t until I had a client with a blood clot in the brain that I was able to realize the full power of Karuna Reiki®. She told me that she was having another MRI in a few days and she was very worried about herself. Immediately I was inspired to chant over her.

At first, I had not been thrilled with the toning and chanting part of Karuna Reiki®. I was kicked out of the choir in high school because of my poor singing voice and I still carried the hurt of that moment somewhere deep inside. I rarely, if ever, sing in public or even out loud by myself. But seeing my client on the Reiki table in front of me, hoping for a cure, I felt that helping her was suddenly more important than whether or not I could sing. So, nervously, I followed the instructions for chanting. First, throw out your inhibitions and trust that Reiki will bring through the very sound that is required for the healing even if it’s pitchy. Next, give Reiki to your lungs and your throat for a few moments. Then chant the symbols. I chose three Karuna Reiki® symbols. The first heals at a cellular level, the second goes deeper into the root cause of the cellular imbalance, clearing energy that is not serving the body. The last symbol I used fills the void left by the first two symbols with white, healing light. In my small Reiki studio, my shaky voice filled the room while a peaceful feeling overcame us both as I continued with the Reiki session.

The following week my client came back for another treatment. Her blood clot had broken up and was clearing. I was excited. Now I can’t definitively tell you that is was chanting the Karuna Reiki® symbols that broke up the blood clot, but I knew with that knowing that you get when you know you are right, that it was, in fact, the power of the sound that made the difference for her. My whole body vibrated from the root to the crown with the confirmation of that knowing.

I don’t chant every time I give Reiki. I save it for the times when it really seems to be needed although I always chant when I give distance Reiki. But I have since done a lot of research into the power of sound and the particular power of specific sounds. There is a useful video by HamsaTV, see the link below, called “Science of Vowels - Sonic Power of Some Basic Vowels Used in the Sanskrit”. In this video they describe the power in specific vowels sounds (vowels in the English language are a-e-i-o-u). For example, the sound a (pronounced ah) has a direct effect on the heart and its ability to pump blood around the body. The sound must be pronounced loudly, and the note held, as in a chant - in order to have this effect. This sound occurs in several of the Karuna Reiki® symbols - which are not described specifically here for purposes of maintaining the integrity of their meanings for those who have been attuned to them - an old-fashioned code of secrecy if you will. An “ee” sound positively impacts the throat and its connections with the brain. The “ee” sound again occurs in several of the Karuna Reiki® symbols. Watch the video to learn more vowel sounds and their impact on the body according to ancient Vedic teachings written in the Sankscrit language. By the way, I am not connected with the video in any way - I simply found it by searching for videos on sound healing.

Learn more about Karuna Reiki® here

Link to YouTube video

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