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Talking About Tarot

People ask me how I receive information when I am reading the cards. Psychic Intuitive Readings using Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards can be done several ways but the best readings come through when you relax completely and allow the messages to come through the intuition, or the brow chakra (third eye). When you read the cards intuitively the cards themselves are just a tool or a prompt and the true message from spirit pours through you. Most people are really amazed at how accurate a reading can be. This is because I give complete trust to the message coming through and don't try to second guess it. Most intuitives work this way. Even it if doesn't make total sense to me and even if it doesn't make total sense to the person receiving the reading, I just keep on going with the message and in the end the threads come together and we both see where it was going.

The information comes in packets or downloads. As I look at a card or a series of cards (a spread) I notice the general meanings of the cards. Since any card can be interpreted in a myriad of ways I then stop to listen. What thoughts are coming in? When I get a download it hits all at once like an explosion of thought too rich to articulate in a single sentence. I then have to unpack it quickly - before the information escapes - sort of like writing a dream before you forget it. As I unpack the information, it is usually made up of many sub-thoughts and ideas. I talk through these to the person I am reading. I usually get plenty of confirmation from my client as the information starts to resonate with them. I watch their eyes, their body movements and so on for signs of resonance if they don't give me very much verbal feedback. However, most of all I am listening to my own body. When I feel the sensation of a hundred butterflies fluttering up and down my spine I know I am relaying the message correctly. I cannot fake this sensation in my spine. Only the truth resonates in my body in this way and when I am off track, I just know. If that happens, I self-correct by listening in again... what thoughts are coming in now?

My favorite story is about a reading I did for a man at a public fair. This was an early reading when I had very little experience. The man was a definite sceptic but for 2 days he stopped by the booth and I could tell that the cards were holding a fascination for him. I encouraged him to have a reading and try it out. Eventually on the third day, as we were getting ready to tear down, he came over for a reading. I laid out a 10 card spread. As I read the first 9 cards to him all I got from him was denial. "We're talking about a family matter - are you having any issues in the family?" I asked him. "No," he kept telling me, "everything is fine." As I read on, I was becoming discouraged. The cards were clearly telling me that there was something amiss in his family life and it came up that he had a small boy, about 10 years old. I don't remember all the details of the reading but I remember being very confused and feeling like I was completely missing the message that this man needed to hear. I told myself to just stay true to the reading and the messages and as I laid out the last card, I noticed the man had a tear in his eye. On further exploration we realized together that the reading was about his son. The man had recently remarried and his son was left with the stepmother and step-siblings while his dad (my client) was on the road continuously with his job. The 10 year old boy was having a lot of trouble dealing with the situation and I recommended to the man that he take his son on a trip - such as a fishing trip - where he could spend some one-on-time time with dad and have the opportunity to talk about his feelings. His dad by this time was choking back the tears and wiping his eyes. I could see that the message resonated very deeply - he had not wanted to face the truth that his son was going through a hard time because he needed to keep up his traveling job but in the end he acknowledged that he needed to do something about it. Your spirit guides are always looking for ways to get messages through to you. Sometimes it is hard to understand things by ourselves even when the messages are being thrown our face - but when someone else - such as a tarot card reader - can make the message clear to you, it is easier to accept and understand. It becomes undeniable and you resonate with the message in every cell of your body. The man was resisting the reading and yet deep down he sensed there was a message there for him and he felt the magnetic pull of the cards. I hope his son was able to get some really good quality time with dad!

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