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Using Your Pendulum

A pendulum is a divination tool that can be used to communicate with your higher self. Anyone with an open mind can use a pendulum as you do not need any sort of spiritual experience to do this. It is a useful resource to get yes/no questions answered on an intuitive level. By using a pendulum, you can enhance your spiritual awareness and receive information your higher guidance is already sending you.

How a pendulum works

The pendulum taps into your intuition and acts as a transmitter from your higher guidance. It works by using a process called kinesiology; which connects you to your innate self. You can then ask your innate to create a bridge to your higher self. Here we are tapped into our spirit and can ask questions for guidance. The way the pendulum physically moves is through small nerve reactions in your fingers from the subconscious mind.

Training your pendulum

When you get a pendulum, you will want to work with it to decide its direction. You will need a yes, no, and I don’t know answer. The pendulum may swing back and forth and side to side or clockwise and anticlockwise. To begin using a pendulum, hold it in your dominant hand. Loop the chain over your index finger and thumb allowing the pendulum to swing freely while gripping it with purpose. Don’t let the pendulum just dangle. You need to command it by holding it assertively.

First, you ask “Show me Yes” and wait for a response. The pendulum should start swinging a certain way.

Then you say “Show me no.” This should swing a different direction than yes. The movement can be different for everybody but mostly it will go back and forth or round and round.

If it fails to move you need to teach the pendulum. Choose what movement you want to indicate yes and no and then train the pendulum by moving it and telling it “this is yes” and “this is no”.

Ask yes / no questions

The pendulum is useful to answer any yes or no question you might be curious about. For example, you can use your pendulum when considering making a purchase, “Would this be a good investment?” You can even ask about big events such as “Should I move to Arizona?” or “Will I get married?” If you have lost an item, you cannot simply ask “Where are my keys? Instead, you can break it down and ask a series of questions “Are my keys in the house?” then “are they in the living room”. When you have a question about numbers break down the number such as: “Is it more than 50?” and “Is it less than 100?” There is an infinite amount of questions you can ask, and your higher self will be there to guide you, however, it is best to keep the questions related to yourself rather than other people. We don’t want to infringe on another’s privacy or on their freewill.

Build your confidence

To assure yourself the pendulum is working and telling the truth ask it questions you already know the answer to. It’s best to be hydrated and in a calm, centered place before you begin. If you are tense or nervous the answers may not be so accurate. Once you have built confidence in your pendulum you can use it to guide you in countless ways.

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