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We Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

It's quite common for houses and other places to have spirit energies floating through. If we could all see them with our own eyes most of us would be shocked at how many and the great variety of spirits that are with us passing through or lingering for a while.

As well as those that pass through of their own accord there are those we attract through our own negative energy. People who are deeply depressed, alcoholics who sometimes pass out drunk and people who have suffered severe trauma often attract to themselves energies that are less than positive. They are not all evil, though some can be quite difficult to carry around with us. Some are simply lost souls who can't find their way home. I have released several benign spirits from my own home and my office too. Stories for another article.

Sometimes when we move into a place there is old energy lingering and sometimes, if we are in a difficult place emotionally, we may bring those spirits with us.

At The Reiki Place we perform house clearings and clear spirit attachments that might be attached people, places and things. We can do this by going to your home physically or we can do it remotely while you are in your house or in our office.

House clearings may be necessary when you first move into a house or office, when you move out, or when a member of the family moves out. Teenagers who leave home sometimes leave their adolescent angst lingering in the corners of their rooms for example. Ex-husbands and ex-wives also leave their "memories" behind in energy form. If you like to buy used items like furniture and books, those can also sometimes arrive with spirit attachments and require clearing. If the energy in your house changed after you recently acquired a used item, that might be why.

In Reiki there is a special procedure called Healing Spirit Attachments. Holy Fire® Reiki Masters learn this at the Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki® levels. It is a beautiful ceremony that is performed with love and compassion. It is not like an exorcism in the spooky sense of the word. We simply call on the higher powers in the realms beyond ego who are full of unconditional love (like the Angels) to help the spirit find it's way to the light. We do this while sending Reiki both to the spirit and to the person, place or object where the spirit has attached.

After a house clearing, whether or not your house was haunted, the atmosphere in your house usually feels lighter and cleaner. We also recommend placing crystals in the home and using incense or sage from time to time to keep your space clear of negative energies, although these methods in themselves won't release spirits who have attached themselves to your space or to your energy.

If you suspect that there is a spirit attached to you personally (or someone you love) the best thing to do is come in for a session or request a remote Reiki session. Visit the services page of our website to see current pricing for house clearings and Reiki sessions. Please note we do not perform spiritual attachment healings on anyone without their permission. For objects and places we require permission of the owner.

® Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki are registered service marks of William Lee Rand

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