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Fortune Telling Cards

Psychic Intuitive Readings

About Readings

We all have angels and spirit guides around us. Some of us can see or hear them. We receive messages from them and from our higher self through our intuition, the third eye, which is the pineal gland. For some of us it is hard to hear the messages. Or we think we know how spirit is guiding us but we are not sure. Sometimes we face challenges in our life and we don't know how to overcome them. 

Tarot cards, angel cards and oracle cards offer a wonderful medium for receiving these messages. Readings with me are always positive and focus on helpful information to guide you and help you resolve issues in your life. 


Tarot Cards

The Tarot is an ancient tool developed in Chaldea, Egypt, thousands of years ago. It contains a Major Arcana and a Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana represents our hero's journey, the journey of our life and the Minor Arcana represents the day to day stuff of life. During the time of the Spanish Inquisition the Tarot was disguised as the standard card deck, thus if you have ever played cards you have been in touch with the tarot. Some people are afraid of the tarot. Sometimes those who have never had a reading are afraid that messages of doom of gloom will come up. This is almost never the case - at least not when I read the cards. My intention is always to offer positive messages for problem resolution or greater insight in to the next steps of your life's journey. Those who have experienced readings are frequently amazed at the accuracy of the reading and how helpful it can be. It almost always resonates with you in a positive way. If you would like to try a reading but feel uncertain you can ask for a single card reading or a three card reading that will bring you a simple message in a benevolent way. 


Angel and Oracle Cards

Angel and Oracle Cards have been developed more recently. These are all created in unique ways by those who feel inspired to do so. Usually the developers of such cards are those who have a lot of experience working with spirit and feel that they have something to add in terms of useful energies. Each card and each deck has a unique energy and the reader practices with the cards to feel the energy and be able to intuitively interpret the cards for you. Oracle and Angel cards bring greater depth and insight to a reading and often help clarify the regular tarot cards. If you would like to try a reading but you are nervous about trying the tarot you can ask for an Oracle or Angel card reading instead. 


My Style of Reading

I am an intuitive reader. That means I have studied the deeper meanings of the cards and always keep this in mind, but when cards come up in a reading I am by conscious intention allowing your angels and guides to talk to me. This means I might read a certain card one way for someone and another way for someone else. I typically use several decks to get a good all-around picture of what is going on for you and how you can move forward if you are stuck. We can also pose specific questions to the cards. I am very careful about going into another person's business and prefer to read you specifically rather than someone in your life. I never wish to violate another's privacy without their consent. Although we can explore relationships to a degree and I'm happy to read couples, or friends, who come in together. When I give readings at corporate parties, I can also read the energy of the company as well as the individuals working in it.

Tarot Lessons

I also teach Tarot. I typically do this in four or six regular one hour sessions depending on the needs of the student. Learning the tarot takes dedicated study and practice but it is not hard once you understand the basics. Classes include going through the Major Arcana and studying the hero's journey, exploring court cards meanings, numerology in the tarot, the Minor Arcana, relating the suits to the elements, and how to read any deck, including variations on the Tarot as well as Angel and Oracle cards. We also develop reading techniques by looking at spreads, how to develop your own spread and how to tap in to your intuitive powers. 

You can read more about the tarot in my article here


To check prices for Psychic Intuitive Readings including Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards please visit my Services page.

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