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Reiki Mentorship Program

I get many requests from Reiki Practitioners who are interested in setting up their own business and would like to intern with me. I have been taking interns since May 2019. Two of my interns have become my associates and are taking clients in my practice. I am always interested and willing to help others learn the Reiki business and in particular help to inspire you how to make it a lucrative and rewarding career choice rather than something you do on the side for very little money. Thus I have implemented a mentorship program that for a small fee you can get an inside look at how my business works, work in the Reiki studio with me with real clients and see for yourself how I manage clients and manage my business. Running your own business is a lot of work. You spend very little time with clients compared to the hours you spend building the business. If you are interested in attending my program please be someone who is serious about starting your own Reiki business and not someone who is just curious. That being said, if this program is for you, you can contact me using the form below and select "Mary" as your Practitioner

Pre-requisite: You must be an Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki II Practitioner or higher. I give classes in this style of Reiki and will be happy to have you in a class. You can view my schedule of classes here

How It Works

Cost: $350 Payable in a single installment on the first day of mentorship

You can choose to attend up to 10 Reiki sessions within a 2 month period. I give approximately 16 sessions per week so you will have a choice of times. You will participate in the initial consult, give Reiki to the client along with me, and participate in the discussion at the end of the session to hear what the client and I experienced and tell the client what you experienced.

  1. Your sessions will include before and after one-on-one time with me to take a look at how I run my business, how I deal with clients, etc.

  2. I will teach you what I do for marketing, what business forms I use, how I organize my accounts and files, how I make my business compliant with the laws of Colorado etc. 

  3. We will discuss what types of client issues you are likely to deal with, how to counsel clients and so on.

  4. We will talk about what other modalities might be right for you, your natural abilities and how you can enhance those and bring those into your business. 

  5. You will have plenty of time to ask how ever many questions you have right away, and as we go along, and receive answers to the best of my ability.

Your Guarantee:


The program is limited to a 2 interns in a 2 month period so you get my individual attention. You will be the only intern in the Reiki sessions that you select from my schedule.

Conditions and Requirements:


  • You must make yourself available on my schedule to attend sessions. I will not be able to schedule sessions around your schedule.

  • You must be a an Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Practitioner or higher to participate

  • You must have the intention of continuing your own Reiki education through Reiki Master (if you are not already) and of starting your own Reiki business.

  • Once you have selected a session you are expected to attend unless you have a very good reason to miss it. If you miss it without an approved reason you will forfeit the session.

  • If a session you select to attend is cancelled because the client fails to show or due to bad weather (or any other reason), you will have the opportunity to select another one. 

If you are interested please contact me using the form below and select "Mary" as your Practitioner

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