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Homeopathy: A Time-Proven System

Homeopathy is used in countries around the world. It was first introduced as a system of medicine in Germany by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. Since then it has taken root in many countries and is the fastest growing system of medicine in the world. 

Hahnemann was a medical doctor who became disillusioned with the current medical system. He had a large family and his children were sickly so he was driven to find better ways to heal them. He was also a scholar and studied and translated ancient texts. It was while doing this work that he became intrigued by ancient medical works by Hippocrates and Paracelsus who had both written about the law of similars. The law of similars states that like cures like. Arsenic, a poisonous substance in its natural form, will cause nausea and vomiting. But if you are experiencing those symptoms and you take arsenic in homeopathic preparation, it will cure you of those symptoms. Hahnemann developed the protocol for formulating homeopathic remedies that is still used today. This method of diluting and shaking the remedy thousands of times extracts the energy of the remedy, leaving behind the harmful substance and it is both the key to how homeopathy works and the reason why it is cannot harm you. 

After many years of practical application of homeopathic remedies, many of which Hahnemann proved on himself, he developed a system of creating remedies and matching them to the energy of the disease in the patient. Indeed, the most effective remedies match not only the energy of the disease but also the energy of the patient suffering from the disease. So a nervous timid person might require a completely different remedy from a confident and hot-tempered person even though they may both be suffering from the same complaint.

Homeopathy was very big in this country during the 1800s and started to fade into obscurity during the 1900s with the rise of big pharma and antibiotics. Today, faced with growing disillusionment in the modern medical system, many people are re-discovering the efficacy of homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines do not cause side effects and are not addictive. They are not drugs per se but rather extractions from natural substances that have been diluted thousands of times, through the special process mentioned above, to render the substance almost undetectable but the healing energy of the substance remains. 

In an article published by the Times of India in July of 2022, Dr. Mukesh Batra, states that according to the World Health Organization, Homeopathy, is the fastest growing system of medicine. He says in India, Homeopathy is growing faster than Ayurveda - an ancient Indian system of medicine that is very popular here in the United States - because it is more effective. He discusses the fact that there is still much apprehension associated with Homeopathy because of the mainstream myth that it is not effective. That myth has been busted many times not just in scientific circles but through millions and millions of testimonials of homeopathic doctors and patients. In the article, Dr. Batra states:

"Even after being recognized as the fastest growing and the 2nd largest system of medicine according to World Health Organization (WHO) and enjoying 25% growth vis the Pharma market which is 10% globally, when it comes to homeopathy there are many apprehensions attached to it. It is still believed that Homeopathy is not as effective as conventional medicines which is the biggest myth associated with Homeopathy.


According to statistics from the World Health Organization, homeopathy is practiced and is available in 40 out of 42 European nations. In France, 95% of all GPs, paediatricians and dermatologists use homeopathic remedies in their practices. The Swiss government recently concluded that homeopathy is “effective, cost-effective and safe.” The Swiss government now recognizes homeopathy as having a status equal to that of ordinary medicine. According to the BMJ (British Medical Journal), an impressive 57% of people in Germany use homeopathic medicines."

More Interesting Links:

It can be challenging in these times to find authentic information about homeopathy so I have included some links to reputable sites that will give you a good all around and unbiased perspective. is a public website that anyone can join for free. It offers a wide range of information ranging from interviews with famous homeopaths, articles about homeopathic case studies and much more. 

The North American Society of Homeopaths has a strict admission policy. It sets a high standard for homeopaths. You will find me registered there as an RSHom. The link takes you to an article that discusses foundational aspects of Homeopathy such as the law of similars and minimum dose. It also discusses research supporting the efficacy of Homeopathy that is often overlooked in mainstream articles on Homeopathy. 

The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy run by George Vithoulkas, a world-renowned Greek Homeopath. Here you will find research, scientific papers and clinical case studies upholding the efficacy of Homeopathy. Dr. Vithoulkas has dedicated his life and worked tirelessly to help the world understand the importance of Homeopathy in the healing process. I have had the privilege of attending online webinars by this amazing man.

The Other Song website, was founded by Rajan Sankaran, a world-renowned modern day Homeopath who has revolutionized Homeopathic prescribing, taking its healing potential to the next level. Dr. Sankaran's teachings have helped new and seasoned Homeopaths find an exact remedy out of thousands of possible choices making it easier and more effective than ever. Son of a famous Indian Homeopath, Dr. Sankaran was born into a life of homeopathy and has successfully treated countless patients and trained thousands of Homeopaths at his clinic in Mumbai and around the world. On his website you will find lots of case studies and testimonials. I have had the privilege of attending several online training events with Dr. Sankaran. I am inspired not just by his talents but by his humble approach and kind, meditative nature. He is truly an inspiration for our times. 

The School of Homeopathy was founded in the UK by world famous British Homeopath Misha Norland, and continues to be run by his son Mani Norland and his family. It is attended by students from all over the world and is unprecedented in its approach to homeopathic teaching. Another of Misha's sons, Luke Norland, contributes to the teachings at the school. I am proud to be a graduate of the School of Homeopathy where I was exposed to teachings by many famous Homeopaths with reputations for curing the most difficult of cases. Click the link to check out some interesting blogs, like this one about earache, or if you are interested in learning Homeopathy yourself. 

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