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Reiki Classes

Serving the Great Chattanooga Area with In-Person Reiki Classes

and everywhere else with online classes. All classes may be taken in-person or online or a combination of both on different days

Consider a trip to beautiful Ooltewah TN and combine a Reiki class with a mini vacation. 

There's lots to see and do here.

I teach a variety of Reiki classes and different levels of Reiki


Reiki 1 and 2

If you are new to Reiki, look for a Reiki level 1 class or Reiki levels 1 and 2 where you can take the first two levels in a single weekend. I teach these levels together or separately. You can choose just one of the classes at registration or sign up for both. If you are already a Reiki level 1 practioner you can just sign up for the level 2 class or retake both classes as a refresher. Choose between Divine Light Reiki and Holy Fire® Reiki. The difference is explained below.


Reiki Master

Anyone who is a Reiki level 2 practitioner from any school or lineage may take a Reiki Master class. To qualify you will need to have learned the first three Reiki symbols, Choku Reiki, Sei Heki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. If you do not have these symbols in your practice but you have taken a Reiki level 1 class, you can take a Reiki level 2 class.


Karuna Reiki®

®Holy Fire Karuna Reiki is an advanced level of Reiki that is available only to Reiki Masters. You qualify if you are a Reiki Master from any school or lineage. You do not have to be a Reiki teacher since you will learn to become one in this class. For class descriptions scroll down below the class schedule. You can also learn more by clicking on the class that interests you. I offer a 15 minute free zoom consultation to answer any questions you have. You can book that here.


Holy Fire® Reiki and Divine Light Reiki

Holy Fire® Reiki is the style of Reiki taught by the International Center for Reiki training. It is an internationally recognized standard of Reiki. When you qualify as a Holy Fire® Master Teacher you agree to teach Reiki according to this system, purchase your manuals from the ICRT for your students and adhere to their Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Its suits those who enjoy a more formal approach to Reiki. Holy Fire® Reiki includes all the traditional Reiki teachings of Mikao Usui that have been handed down through the generations by traditional Reiki teachers.


Divine Light is a newer expression of Reiki that is inspired by the Archangels of the four directions. It builds upon traditional Reiki and includes all the basic Usui Reiki teachings and then it breaks away from tradition to include a broader basis for practicing and teaching Reiki including the use of singing bowls, tuning forks, crystals, and drumming in your Reiki practice. You do not have to purchase or own these things to take the class. You simply learn about using them. Many people who are drawn to Reiki already have some of these items but don’t know how to use them. When you become a Divine Light Master Teacher you are given an editable non-copyrighted version of the manual. You can distribute this manual freely to your students and even edit it if you have material you want to include in your Reiki classes.


While Divine Light provides a solid infrastructure to begin your Reiki teaching practice, it also offers the ability to adapt and update your teaching practice. We are all uniquely gifted and have individual preferences. Some of us do not do well having to adhere to standards of practice set forth by others but want to do our own thing. Divine Light Reiki is suitable for those who are looking for a flexible structure and like to step out of the box. We call it “no rules Reiki.” It is also suitable for those who enjoy a bit of science that explains how Reiki works.


Many Reiki teachers offer basic Reiki classes and then offer additional classes on the use of crystals, drums etc. In Divine Light Reiki you get all of this in a single 3-day class at the Master level.

For class descriptions scroll down below the class schedule.

You can see more details about each class by clicking on the class that interests you. 

I offer a 15 minute free zoom consultation to answer any questions you have.

You can book that here. 


Reiki Class Schedule

Click on the event link to learn more or register

Jun 23 2024

Reiki Level 1(Holy Fire®)

June 24 2024

Animal Reiki Level 1

Jun 28-30 2024

Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher (Holy Fire®)

Jul 13-14 2024

Reiki Levels 1 & 2 (Divine Light)

Jul 28 2024

Reiki Level 2 (Holy Fire®)

Jul 29 2024

Animal Reiki Level 2

Aug 10-11 2024

Reiki Levels 1 & 2 (Holy Fire®)

Sept 20-22 2024

Reiki Master/Teacher (Divine Light)

Oct 12-13 2024

Reiki Levels 1 & 2 (Divine Light)

Nov 16-17 2024

Reiki Levels 1 & 2 (Holy Fire®)

Dec 6-8 2024

Reiki Master/Teacher (Holy Fire®)


... more classes coming

Payment Plans

Payment plans are available when you register using split-it as a payment option. I also take Paypal which offers payment plans. You can ask me about a custom payment plan. I take Venmo, Zelle and Cashapp. Message me for more info or to register offline.


Custom Classes

Custom classes and one-on-one classes available upon demand. Prices may be vary for custom classes.

Please plan to be available for the entire class time. If you are flying in from out of state, it is recommended to book a late departure flight if you need to leave the last day of class. In general I would allow 3-4 hours travel to Nashville Airport and 2-3 hours travel to Atlanta airport.

Continuing Education (CEs)

A "Certificate of Completion" is available for all Reiki classes for Professionals at no extra charge. You may turn this certificate in to your licensing or certification board for potential credit toward your continuing education or contact hours for your license or certificate. Each state board, state, national board or licensing agency makes its own decision on whether to accept this form and how many hours, if any to accept for Reiki classes. Contact me prior to registration if you would like to know more. Each day of class is approximately 7 hours. Reiki levels 1&2 are therefore 14 hours and Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki® are 21 hours.


Reiki Class Descriptions

Note that all levels can now be taken as online classes or in person classes. For an online class you will need a mobile device, the free Zoom application and a reliable internet connection. All classes whether in person or online are small, interactive and personal. There is no pre-recorded information. You will have plenty of opportunity for asking questions and interacting with classmates as well as plenty of Reiki practice. More detailed descriptions are given on the event sign up pages.


Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Levels1and 2

In this 2-day class you will learn the basics of Reiki, what Reiki is and how to use it. You will learn the traditional Reiki hand positions, history of Reiki and history of Holy Fire® Reiki, how to give a full Reiki treatment, the 3 traditional Reiki symbols; the power symbol, the mental/emotional symbol and the distance symbol. We will have hands-on practice giving Reiki and distance Reiki using the Reiki distance symbol. There is no prerequisite for this class. Everyone can learn Reiki.


Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher

In this 3-day class you will qualify as a Reiki Master and Reiki teacher. This class combines levels 3 and 4 in traditional Reiki. You will learn the traditional Reiki Master symbol and the Holy Fire® Master symbol, advanced Reiki techniques, using manifestion grids with Reiki, Reiki for world peace, healing spiritual attachments and how to teach Reiki. We learn about discovering the authentic self, the Brothers and Sisters of the Light, the 12 heavens and Reiki values and ideals. We learn how to give and receive Reiki ignitions and placements (attunements). 


Each day includes hands-on or distance practice. This class is suitable for those who wish to teach Reiki as well as those who do not wish to become teachers. 


Pre-requisite: Reiki level 2 in any Reiki discipline (it does not have to be Holy Fire® Reiki) and at least 6 months practicing Reiki on yourself, your family, or others. Note that after taking this class you will be able to teach Reiki Holy Fire® levels 1 and 2 and Reiki Master Teacher.


Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher

In this 3-day class your Reiki vibration will be upgraded for Karuna Reiki®. You will learn 8 new symbols and the Holy Fire® Master symbol. We revisit the history of Holy Fire® Reiki, Reiki for World Peace, Reiki Manifestation grids and Healing Spirit Attachments. This is revision for those you took Holy Fire® Reiki Master and new material if you are from another discipline of Reiki. We explore the science of sound therapy and you will learn to chant and tone the Reiki symbols. (Note that you can chant them under your breath if you are self-conscious). Karuna means compassion. This is a powerful and compassionate energy for Reiki Masters who are dedicated to reaching the next level in their spiritual development. 


Prerequisite: You must be a Reiki Master (any form of Reiki) and have six months of practicing Reiki on other people. Note that after taking this class you will be qualified to teach online Holy Fire® Reiki at all levels including Reiki I and II and Reiki Master.


Divine Light Reiki Levels I and II

In this 2-day class you will become a Reiki level II Practitioner. You will learn the traditional Reiki teachings, what Reiki is and how to use it. You will learn the importance of chakra health in the body, all about the individual chakras how to use Reiki to balance chakras and why Reiki helps the body heal. You will learn the 3 traditional Reiki symbols (power symbol, mental emotional symbol and distance symbol), and how to use Reiki for distance healing. You will learn how to give a complete Reiki treatment as well fundamentals of working with clients and setting up a Reiki business. In this class we talk about the science behind Reiki and distance Reiki, how Reiki works and the science of consciousness.  You will receive a certificate from The Reiki Place. There is no prerequisite for this class. Everyone can learn Reiki.


Divine Light Reiki Master Teacher

In this 3-day class you qualify as a Reiki Master Teacher. You will receive editable versions of the Divine Light Manuals for Reiki I and II and Reiki Master and be able to edit, use and distribute those in your own Reiki classes if you choose to teach. Please note this class is suitable for those who wish to teach and those who do not wish to teach. You will learn the traditional Reiki Master symbol, the Divine Light Master symbol, the science of how symbols work, how to create your own symbols and why you would. We will do hands on or distance practice with Reiki each day. We will learn how to use Reiki with crystals, tuning forks and singing bowls, how to clear negative energy with Reiki on a person or an object and how to do house clearings or clear locations using Reiki. We will learn how to create manifestations grids with crystals and sacred geometry. We will learn about the importance of the 3, 6 and 9 in healing and manifestation, about the Archangels of the four directions and the special ways in which they work with us. We also talk about working with clients, the things they ask and the things we can say to address their emotional needs and spiritual questions as well as how to structure your Reiki business for maximum success. You will learn about the importance of self-care and self-development. This is a flexible curriculum and we can add additional material relating to your Reiki business practice upon request such as reading tarot cards, working with crystals, how to choose tuning forks, and so on. 


Prerequisite: You must be a Reiki level II practitioner of any lineage to take this class. There is no waiting requirement. Note that after taking this class you will be eligible to teach all levels of Divine Light Reiki. You will also be able to develop your own class material and add it to the manual. 


Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki consists of Animal Reiki levels 1 and 2, and Animal Reiki Master. These courses teach about the special way that humans can interact with animals by giving Reiki. You don't need to take an animal Reiki class to give Reiki to animals as most Reiki Practitioners already know. However, the classes, which were developed at the International Center for Reiki Training, help us establish a unique connection with animals of all types, domestic, wild and livestock. They also make us exquisitely aware of our Divine Human Nature, our Animal Human Nature and our connection with all that is, both on Earth and beyond. The Animal Reiki I and II class introduces you to the basic ways we can connect with the animals and special considerations for giving Reiki to animals, such as constructing a Reiki zone and learning to give Reiki in Motion. We learn about concepts like animal compassion fatigue and how to assist both caregivers and animals with Reiki at end of life. The Animal Reiki Master class qualifies you to teach the classes. We get the opportunity each day of class to give Reiki to our own animals (if we have them) and remotely to the animals that other people in the class have through Zoom. We also use live webcams to give Reiki to animals in zoos and sanctuaries. It is so interesting to watch an animal on Zoom receiving distance Reiki and the pet owner's observations of that experience are always very insightful. You can learn more by following one of the links above for the next available animal Reiki class and read the class description. 


Prerequisite: These classes introduce completely new material and assume that you already have basic Reiki knowledge, including the Reiki symbols and how to give distant treatments. Therefore, to take Animal Reiki levels1&2 you must be a Reiki level 2 Practitioner (any lineage or style of Reiki) and to take Animal Reiki Master you must be a Reiki Master (any lineage or style of Reiki). 

®Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki are registered service marks of William Lee Rand

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