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Consider a Reiki Class in East Tennessee

Updated: Apr 11

If you are considering combining a mini vacation with a Reiki Class here in beautiful and scenic Ooltewah TN, here are some travel tips for the Greater Chattanooga Area.

Ooltewah Tennessee and the Greater Chattanooga Area offer many attractions. If you can spare an extra day or two to look around you won't be disappointed. Ooltewah is about 30 minutes from many Chattanooga tourist attractions, restaurants and areas of interest and only 20 minutes from Harrison Bay State Park. There is something for everyone here whether you prefer tourist areas like Ruby Falls and Rock City Gardens, having an ice cream as you stroll across the famous Walnut Street walking bridge over the Tennessee River or taking quiet walks by the water, like the hiking trails in Harrison Bay State Park.

As you research the area for somewhere to stay, remember that it might be closer to go outside of Ooltewah for accommodations. East Brainerd and Ringgold Georgia offer some nice AirBnbs and are not far at all from The Reiki Place. Collegedale is in the same zip code as Ooltewah, and Harrison and Cleveland are a 20-30 minute drive through some of Tennessee's finest countryside.

Camping: Harrison Bay State Park is 20 minutes from The Reiki Place.

The Park incorporates Lake Chickamauga where you can go kayaking, paddle boating, rent a speed boat, go fishing, park your RV, or simply go for a hike or a bike ride around the lake. Other outdoor spaces include Booker T. Washington State Park, The Tennessee Riverwalk, White Oak Mountain Hiking Trails and Audubon Acres. The Collegedale Greenway and Wolftever Creek which is just a few minutes by car from The Reiki Place. There is a beautiful duck refuge there as well.

Sites: The famous Walnut Street Walking Bridge in downtown Chattanooga lets you walk over the Tennessee River, The Tennessee River Park has several trails alongside the river or take a riverboat cruise. Ruby Falls has an underground waterfall and Rock City Gardens is a fun outdoor destination at the top of Lookout Mountain where you can look out over 7 of the US states at a glance. Chattanooga Choo Choo is a trendy restaurant area. All just 30 minutes or so from The Reiki Place.

Walnut Street Walking Bridge: Downtown Chattanooga

Where to Eat:

Cambridge Square, Ooltewah is about 5 minutes away. It has several great restaurants to choose from.

Hamilton Place, Chattanooga is about 12-15 minutes away and has numerous restaurants and shopping in the area.

Freeway Exits:

Closest Freeway exits for Ooltewah are exits from Atlanta or Chattanooga: 7A and 9 or from Cleveland or Knoxville: exit 11 off Highway 75.

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