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Divine Light Reiki

Divine Light Reiki is a new style of teaching Reiki that allows maximum flexibility and adaptation to your personal teaching style. Divine Light Reiki encourages you to bring in other teachings that you are intuitively guided to and are passionate about. The Divine Light system of teaching Reiki lets you adapt classes to the needs of your students rather than bending your students into a fixed curriculum.

Why do we need another kind of Reiki?

Divine Light Reiki is not another kind of Reiki. It is the same beautiful, amazing Reiki that has always been and will always be. Divine Light Reiki is a new way of teaching Reiki. I am proud to be a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). In order to comply with the licensing contract I am bound to teach Reiki in a certain way, using the Reiki Manual provided by the ICRT. It is a wonderful curriculum and I embrace teaching with all my heart. However, I have noticed that it does not resonate with everyone. In today's energies, new and younger healers are appearing with fresh and interesting ideas for healing that include energy healing of multiple different types. Older but newly awakened healers are also appearing similarly with fresh ideas and wanting to move beyond traditional curriculums. When one of my students approached me and asked me to teach her a different kind of Reiki, I gave it some thought and realized that I have many ideas of my own that I would like to bring to my students. For example, I have learned a great deal about using crystals, tuning forks, singing bowls and drums in my Reiki practice with clients and students. Students ask me if I will teach it to them but there is rarely time in class to cover those things because the curriculum calls for other things. Similiarly, some students who are interested in starting their own Reiki practice have many questions about how to talk to clients. This is not covered in the traditional Reiki teachings. Further, some students are ready right away to move to the Master level after a Reiki I and II class. Holy Fire® Reiki requires students to wait 6 months before taking a Master class. Divine Light Reiki has no waiting requirement. You can take a Master class whenever you are ready and not when I say you are ready. Why can I do this? For the same reasons that others have developed their own Reiki systems: I have been guided by Spirit. In particular I have received intuitive guidance from Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel in the development of the material. 

What is Divine Light?

The word Divine has become associated with religion in the modern day but it was not always that way. The origin of the word Divine is dyeu which is a Proto--Indo-European word meaning "to shine." In Sanskrit it is the word "Diva" which means "shining one." The word in both languages implies shining from the sky or from the heavens. Our vital life force comes from the universal source of all energy - the light from the sky. And so Divine Light is the light that gives us life. It is the Reiki (universal life force energy). 

Will Divine Light Qualify Me to Take Other Reiki Classes?

The Divine Light Reiki teachings embrace all the traditional Reiki teachings that have been handed down from Mikao Usui to Reiki teachers who have achieved prominence such as Churijo Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, William Lee Rand, Hiroshoi Doi and Tadao Yamaguchi. The Three Pilars of Reiki, as described by Mikao Usui are Gassho, Reiji-ho and Chiryo - it means hands to heart center; to activate the compassionate heart - hands to third eye; to be intuitively guided and putting out your hands; giving a Reiki treatment. This teaching is included in the Divine Light Reiki Level I class along with other traditional teachings handed down from Mikao Usui. You learn the same traditional symbols taught by other schools of Reiki based on Usui's and Takata's teachings in both Reiki Level II and Reiki Master. This means you will be fully qualified for any other system of Reiki that admits students from other Reiki schools. 

What's the Basic Difference Between Divine Light and Other Styles of Reiki?

Sometimes schools of Reiki have become lost in teaching the mechanics of Reiki and have not put enough emphasis on the intuitive guidance of Reiki. Intuitive guidance is not just about where to place your hands and what to say to your client. It goes much deeper than this from merging Reiki with other modalities to taking innovative approaches to teaching clients how to breathe, how to modify their beliefs for a healthier attitude, and a whole host of other things. I have noticed that students I teach today are more spiritually and psychically aware than students I was teaching as little as five years ago. The energies are shifting and we need to respond by guiding today's light workers in how to use the skills they have been born with. Divine Light Reiki is a flexible system. Rather than following a fixed curriculum you can adapt each and every class to the needs of your students. If one student wants to work with Reiki and crystals, you can teach that. If another wants to work with animals, you can teach that. If you have a particular expertise that you have developed over the course of your work with the light and you want to combine it with Reiki, you can do that. At the Master Teacher level you receive editable copies of the manuals that are yours to keep and edit as you see fit. 

Please note that Divine Light Reiki is not taught as part of the ICRT Curriculum. You will receive a certificate from The Reiki Place for each level of Divine Light Reiki that you take. You will be eligible, just like all schools of Reiki, for membership in the Reiki Membership Association (RMA) at the Affiliate level. Only students who have taken all their Reiki classes with a Licensed Reiki Teacher are eligible for membership in the RMA at the Professional Level. If Professional Membership vs. Affiliate Membership is important to you please look at my Holy Fire® Reiki classes. I am a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the ICRT. You can read about more membership on the ICRT website

Here is an overview of what you will learn in Divine Light Reiki

Reiki Level I

Explanation of Reiki, How Reiki works, What you can use Reiki for, Finding your inner compass, dropping superstitions around Reiki, Reiki Level I attunement, Turning Reiki on and off, Healing Meditation, The Three Pillars of Reiki, The Five Precepts of Reiki, Opening and Closing a Reiki Session, Prayer before Reiki Healing, Energy Scanning, Reiki Hand Positions, Becoming a Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Levels and the Traditional Reiki Teachings. The science of Reiki and distance Reiki.

Reiki Level II

The three traditional Reiki symbols, Activating and using the symbols, The Zero Point and how it relates to distance Reiki and the Distance Reiki symbol, Manifestation meditation using the Distance symbol, Chakra Health and Chakra Balancing. How Chakras relate to the physical body. Creating a sacred space, Giving a complete Reiki session, Reiki and the Law, Building a successful Reiki Practice. Working with your Reiki clients. Other topics as requested.

Reiki Master Teacher

Divine Light, A new system of Reiki, Explanation of Divine Light, Abandoning Reiki rules, Becoming a Reiki Master, Reiki Master Symbol, Divine Light symbol, Morphic fields of resonance, Creating your own Reiki symbols, Reiki with tuning forks, crystals, singing bowls and drumming, Expanding your Reiki practice, Working with people in Reiki session, The Healing Crisis, Manifestation grids, Giving Attunements, Self-development and healing yourself, Releasing and clearing negative energy, attachments and hooks, The Archangels of the Four Directions, The power of the 3, 6 and 9. Other topics as requested.

To help you choose which style of Reiki is best for you, here are some basic differences between Divine Light Reiki and Holy Fire® Reiki. I teach both systems because they both serve a specific segment of the Reiki community so I am not recommending one style over the other. It is simply your personal preference.

  • Divine Light Reiki allows complete freedom of individual style in both giving and teaching Reiki, when to take classes, and adapting teaching to your student's needs and level of spiritual development. Holy Fire® Reiki requires you to follow a standardized curriculum. 

  • Divine Light Reiki uses science to support how it works, how it heals and how distance Reiki works. Holy Fire® Reiki does not include teachings about science.

  • When you take a Divine Light Reiki Master class you are provided with an editable copy of the manuals so that you can adjust them to your teaching style. You can then produce and distribute your own manuals. When you take a Holy Fire® Master class you must purchase manuals from the ICRT to give to each one of your students every time you teach. Holy Fire® material is copyrighted and you are not allowed to reproduce it. Divine Light is not copyrighted but we request that you leave credit in the margin of the material to the original authors, which might be Mikao Usui, and me, and can also be you. 

  • When you take a Divine Light Reiki class you receive a certificate from The Reiki Place signed by Mary Fielder and are eligible for Affiliate Membership with the ICRT. When you take a Holy Fire® Reiki class you receive a certificate from the International Center for Reiki Training signed by William Lee Rand and Mary Fielder and are eligible for Professional Membership with the ICRT. Both Affiliate and Professional membership offer professional liability insurance and logos for your website. 

  • When you take a Divine Light Reiki Master class you will learn how to use Reiki with singing bowls, crystals, tuning forks and drums. Holy Fire® Reiki Master Practitioner does not include this teaching.

  • Both types of classes include the basic Usui teachings of the three pillars, the five precepts and the traditional symbols. Divine Light Reiki goes further into the explanation of why symbols work and how to create your own.

  • Both types of classes include teachings about manifestation grids. Divine Light Reiki goes deeper into manifestation with the distance symbol and zero point energy (a quantum physics concept). 

  • Both classes teach releasing spirit attachments and negative energy. Divine Light also talks about houses clearings.

  • Holy Fire® includes teachings about the authentic self, the culturally created self, the dormant self, the 12 heavens and the brothers and sisters of the light. Divine Light Reiki includes teachings about the Archangels of the Four Directions, and the power of the 3,6 and 9. 

  • Holy Fire® is typically taught as a 2-day class at the I & II level, and a 3 day class at the Master/Teacher level. Divine Light follows a similar format and can be broken up into weekly segments or shorter time segments over more days. 

  • Both classes use meditation style attunements (called placements and ignitions in Holy Fire® and called attunements in Divine Light. 

  • Holy Fire® talks more about the history of Reiki, and the history of Holy Fire® Reiki. Divine Light Reiki talks only briefly about the history and provides references to further reading for a richer history of Reiki. 

  • Holy Fire® Reiki includes useful appendices about the World Peace Grid, Hawayo Takata's style of teaching Reiki and Reiki in Hospitals. Divine Light Reiki includes appendices about the Archangels, the Power of the 3,6 and 9, Developing and Healing yourself, The Healing Crisis and the Zero Point. It also includes links to YouTube videos by various you-tubers with additional interesting background material.

In Summary: If you are motivated by joining a professional organization, having a structured and well developed curriculum, prefer to follow a pre-determined set of Standards of Practice, and are more comfortable sticking to a standardized curriculum, and wish to purchase the Reiki manuals published by the ICRT for your students, you will enjoy Holy Fire® Reiki. 

If you march to the beat of your own drum, follow your own intuitive guidance, have a vision of combining Reiki with other healing modalities and don't do well constrained by other people's frameworks but do enjoy learning about the science of the Universe and the power of the conscious mind, then Divine Light will suit you better. 

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