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Biofield Tuning

"Traditional Therapy didn't work for me. With Biofield Tuning I see a difference every time I come and it doesn't overwhelm me like traditional therapy - which sent me into a hole with my PTSD, extreme anxiety and depression. I had to relive things. It was overwhelming and I couldn't handle it but this is more gentle and not only tangible in the mind but in the body as well. I feel like it's gotten to a lot of core issues with me. I came here as a last ditch effort. I was ready to try anything. The first session was unbelievable and I felt so different after leaving."  - M.P.

What is Sound Therapy?

The human body responds to frequency. Each of your seven primary chakras responds to the notes of the musical scale. For example, your root chakra resonates to the note C, your sacral chakra to the note D and so on. When you listen to beautiful, relaxing music you are creating resonance in the body’s energy field which can help to make it feel more balanced, and more grounded.  That’s why it feels so good to listen to music. Think how that compares to listening to the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard or driving through a busy metropolis such as New York City and hearing the continuous sounds of car horns honking. Those dissonant sounds jar us and make us feel irritated or anxious. The body is very sensitive to sound. Using Tuning Forks and Singing Bowls we create resonance in the body which can rebalance the chakras, clear negative energy and invigorate the body’s energy system. This makes it easier to recover from illness, get over depression and PTSD and move out of lethargy, stagnation and anxiety so that you can be a better, more energized version of yourself.


What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is sound therapy that uses Tuning Forks to help balance the body’s energy system and create a greater feeling of wellbeing, making space for the body to heal itself.


What can Biofield Tuning do for me?

Biofield Tuning helps to locate blocks in the energy field and release them. If we have passed through traumatic events, physical or mental abuse, PTSD, negative events such as job loss, loss of a loved one, or practically anything else, there remains an imprint in the body’s energy field, or biofield, of that event. We can detect it with the tuning forks and release it. Using the forks you will receive immediate feedback. We can hear the tones in the fork change as it clears and releases trapped energy imprints.

How Does Biofield Tuning Work?

Biofield Tuning has direct impact on the body's energy field by clearing disturbances in the field. Valerie Hunt is an internationally recognized leader in the scientific research of the human energy field. Her work provides extensive evidence that healing occurs through changes in the electromagnetic field - your energy field. In her book "Infinite Mind Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness" she says: 

"Electromedical researchers believe that each disease or functional disturbance has its own energy field which must be reversed before healing can take place...Health, then, should be viewed as the perfection and maintenance of a dynamic energy field which is flowing, coherent, and strong..."


What a Biofield Tuning Session is like

You receive the session lying on a treatment table. It can also be done in a chair for those who do not wish to get on the table. The treatment is done fully clothed. We begin by opening up your energy channels applying weighted forks to pressure points on your body. Then we check your chakra energies to determine the best place to begin. At that point I will step out into your energy field and look for the edge that represents your moment of birth. Your energy field contains information about all the important events that have taken place in your life. The energetic imprint of the emotional response is stored there. If there are have been difficult times then that energy imprint feels sticky or blocked. Using the forks we can clean up any sticky parts and release the emotion trapped there.


People experience different sensations as we comb through the field. Some feel tingling in various parts of their body, or they have energetic releases and emotional releases. When we are working in the energy field you will hear the notes of the tuning forks change in response to the energy it finds there. Where there is sadness the fork will sound quiet and sad. Where there is anger the forks sounds loud and dissonant. Where there is happiness the fork will ring true and clear.


Following a session most people feel a little tired for a day or two while their body adjusts and after that they start to feel much better. Most report feeling lighter and more energized. Some people see big improvements in their emotional health and sometimes their physical health after just one session but most people like to do several sessions. Some people experience life changing shifts as they continue their healing sessions. 


Who Can Receive a Biofield Tuning Session?

There are several contraindications for Biofield Tuning. Please review the list below before booking your appointment. If you are contraindicated, consider having a Reiki session or a Homeopathy instead. Reiki is very gentle, very effective, and is safe for everyone. Reiki is effective for depression, anxiety, feeling stuck and physical pain. Homeopathy is suitable for most types of illness, acting at a deep level for trauma release, physical complaints, and anxiety and depression.


Biofield Tuning is not Recommended for you if:

  • You have a serious or terminal diseases such as cancer 

  • You are pregnant 

  • You are extremely obese 

  • You have a serious heart condition or wear a pacemaker 

  • You have had a concussion or bone injury in the last six months 

  • You are on a large number of medications. 


To check prices for Biofield Tuning sessions please visit my Services page.

You can book a Biofield Tuning using the form below. Please request Mary.

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