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Sessions and Prices

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All sessions are available remotely. In-Person sessions are available for those in the Greater Chattanooga Area. For more information on distance Reiki and other distance healing sessions please visit our page about Distance Healing Sessions.

Reiki Treatment


$80 for one hour

3 for $210

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Biofield Tuning

$80 & $120

60 minute session uses tuning forks for deep trauma removal and biofield clearing. 90  minute sessions follow with a soothing Reiki treatment. Buy three 60 minute sessions for  $210 or three 90 minutes sessions for $270

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House Clearing

$100 Distance Clearing. Great for offices, relocations, kids moving out, divorce, or spiritual activity. 

Fortune Telling Cards

Psychic Intuitive Reading or Reiki and a Reading

$80 / $120

A one hour psychic intuitive reading using tarot and oracle cards for a message from your angels or combine Reiki and a Reading in a 90 minute session

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Spiritual/Holistic Mentoring


60 minute session. Because sometimes we just need to talk to someone. Confidential. Holistic. Compassionate. Insightful.