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Sessions and Prices
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Online sessions from anywhere. I am in the Eastern Time Zone and work flexible hours to accommodate your time zone. 

In-Person sessions in Ooltewah TN and the Greater Chattanooga Area. Appointment required. Flexible hours Tues-Sat afternoons and evenings and on other times by arrangement. If you don't see a calendar slot that works for you, please message me for other times. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a description of the therapies and how they can help.

Note: I don't take tips. The price you see is the price you pay.

Session Prices: 

15 minutes:   free (online or phone only)

30 minutes:  $60 (in person or online)

45 minutes:  $90 (in person nor online)

60 minutes:  $100 (in person or online)

90 minutes:  $150 (in person or online)

120 minutes: $200 (in person or online)

In-Person Sessions:

I work out of my home in Ooltewah TN. I have Reiki and Homeopathy treatment rooms and a dedicated Reiki classroom. These spaces offer a clean, professional and comfortable atmosphere and are only used for seeing clients and students. 


I take Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, Cash, Credit card, Check and Paypal. I do not charge for booking appointments. You pay me at the time of service. 

Description of Sessions

Some people like to choose what therapy they receive and some like me to decide what will work best for them. My philosophy is to support you in your journey to good health in the way that you feel is most effective. Sometimes that includes a combination of approaches until it clicks for you. 

15 minutes free:

This is a discovery session where you can meet me, ask any questions, learn what treatment might be best for you or try out 15 minutes of distance Reiki to see what that feels like. 

30 minute session:

Suitable for mentorship, spiritual counseling, Reiki or Reiki with sound therapy

45 minute session:

Suitable for a Homeopathy follow-up, flower essences follow-up, spiritual counseling, mentorship, Reiki and sound therapy. Note that homeopathy follow-ups sometimes require the entire session and sometimes can be combined. 

60 minute session:

Suitable for a Homeopathy follow-up, flower essences follow-up, spiritual counseling, mentorship, Biofield Tuning, Reiki and sound therapy. Note that homeopathy follow-ups and Biofield Tuning sometimes require the entire session and sometimes can be combined. 

90 minute session:

Combination of your choice: Homeopathy follow-up, Flower Essences consultation, spiritual counseling, mentorship, Biofield Tuning, Reiki and sound therapy. 

120 minute session:

This is for an Initial Homeopathy Consultation. An initial homeopathy consultation is a unique session type that cannot be combined with other therapies. After the initial consultation we can combine follow-ups with Reiki or another therapy. Please allow up to 2 hours for your session though it may take less. You will receive dedicated support following your initial prescription with 5-minute check-in follow-ups every few days by phone, text or zoom at no extra cost until we are sure the remedy is working for you. 

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Description of Therapies


Reiki is a gentle, relaxing treatment that releases stress, anxiety, depression and grief. It helps smooth and eliminate trigger points that might typically set you off into a depression or a state of high anxiety. People who do a regular series of Reiki treatments experience positive changes in their overall perspective, a reduction in anxiety, improved sleep patterns and less depression. It helps you become a calmer, more relaxed and consequently happier individual, flowing with life rather than feeling like life has run away from you or you are swimming upstream against the current of life. Reiki can help with certain types of pain, especially when it's stress related, such as migraines, lower back problems and digestive issues. It is also effective in helping you overcome deep trauma. 

Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks to comb through the timeline of your life, starting at the moment of birth, your childhood, adolescence and adult life to your present time. We look for energy blocks which may have become trapped in your biofield (your aura), holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself. When we release old blocks you feel revitalized and can sometimes have those aha moments and realizations that help you make significant shifts and changes in your life. Biofield Tuning is suitable for those who feel stuck and lacking direction and is especially effective for releasing deep trauma. Please note that if you are recovering from deep trauma, sometimes it is worth doing a Reiki session first to initiate healing gently. I also recommend combining Reiki and Biofield Tuning in a 90 minute session. Reiki can pave the way for a Biofield Tuning session. A tuning session produces more immediate healing although sometimes people experience dramatic releases which are temporarily uncomfortable even though they ultimately lead to deeper healing. 

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy includes the use of singing bowls, tuning forks, drums and other instruments. Sound is an effective way to break up and release blocks in the energy field that prevent you from being your best self. I typically combine sound therapy with Reiki and often incorporate it into a Reiki session. 

Flower Essences

Flower Essence Therapy includes the Bach Flower Remedies as well as the wider range of flowers that have been developed over the years following Edward Bach's initial flower essence discoveries. Flower essences are gentle and safe and can be used for a variety of conditions. They are especially useful for people who are working on themselves and are aware of the changes they would like to see in themselves. They can also be used to break blocks or kickstart healing for people who feel stuck or trapped in their own lives. Flower essences are similar to, but different from Homeopathic remedies. These remedies are entirely derived from flowers and each remedy carries a special signature. For example, olive helps you overcome fatigue when you have given all you have to give and daily life has become a grind. Larch can instill you with a sense of confidence and self worth when you feel like you will never succeed. I individually craft a formula using several flower essences that is just right for your specific needs or intentions.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine that is based on the doctrine of signatures or "like cures like." It uses specially formulated remedies from nature including plants, minerals and animal products, to find a signature that resonates with the totality of your individual symptom picture. It is an effective form of medicine that addresses physical, mental and emotional conditions. Homeopathy is safe for adults and children and is often useful in those cases when your doctor doesn't really know what is wrong with you but you know something is wrong. It has been used to reverse the effects of over-medication, including vaccination damage, overuse of antibiotics, steroids and so on. It's especially effective for people who are on life-long medications or seeking medical help for transient conditions such as menopause. Many people don't realize that homeopathy is available and useful in the treatment of ADHD, Autism, PANS, PANDA, Lyme Disease, Lupus and most immune system related conditions. It can also help with fibroids, endometriosis, prolapses, erectile dysfunction, and high blood pressure. Homeopathy is also effective for depression, grief, anxiety, digestive disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and so on. In fact, it can be used for most conditions that you would normally go to a doctor for. 

Homeopathic Treatment of Children

Children need careful consideration when receiving homeopathic treatment and I like you stay in close contact with parents during the initial days of taking a remedy. Depending on the case I might charge a special rate which might be more or less than my advertised rates for continuous support and prescribing. Message me or choose a free consultation appointment to discuss your child's case. Children that use homeopathy during childhood often suffer fewer colds, illnesses and chronic conditions as adults because homeopathy helps the body improve immune response and tune into its own innate healing potential. It also avoids the build up of toxic, suppressive medicines such as steroids, cortisones and anti-biotics. Even Tylenol, allergy pills and other over-the-counter medicines can lead to long term toxic build up in the cells of the body leading to liver damage, arthritis, tinnitus, and so on later in life. 

Spiritual Counseling and/or Mentorship

Sometimes we find ourselves moving out of resonance with life as we are used to perceiving it. We might be having a spiritual awakening, moving away from our religion, our family or the job we used to love. We might be having psychic experiences that we don't understand or a kundalini awakening. Or we might just be feeling lost and alone, knowing something else is out there for us but not knowing what that might be. All this can make us feel unsupported and misunderstood. Family and friends are not going through the same thing and don't understand us. We feel different, like we don't belong or we have psychic abilities and we don't know what to do with them. Believe it or not, as alone as you might feel, there are millions like you. I can help to guide you in your new experience of self. Often this is best done using Reiki, but sometimes just talking to somebody who gets you is priceless. 

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