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All services except aura imaging can be done both locally and remotely. Aura Imaging is done at our Colorado Springs office. For more information on distance Reiki and other distance healing sessions please visit our page about Distance Healing Sessions.

We will bring our services to you in your home for an additional travel fee of $25 within a 20 mile radius of our Weber St office. Time availability may be limited.

Please note: we now offer a choice of Reiki Practitioner for our Reiki Sessions. All of our Reiki Practitioners are carefully chosen for their pure hearts and compassionate Reiki skills.

Reiki Practioner: $40 per hour

Reiki Master: $55 per hour 

Licensed Reiki Master $75 per hour



A Reiki Practitioner is fully qualified to administer Usui Holy Fire® Reiki and has interned with The Reiki Place for a minimum of  3 months.

A Reiki Master has reached an advanced level of Reiki and has taken the Usui Holy Fire® Master/Teacher training. A Master is qualified to teach as well as to administer Reiki.

A Licensed Reiki Master has reached an advanced level of Reiki and is licensed by the International Center for Reiki Training to teach and administer Reiki. Licensing requires over 100 hours of specialized, advanced Reiki training


$40, $55 & $75

Choose your practitioner level

3-pack prices are $105, $150 & $180

Biofield Tuning

$75 & $100

60 minute session uses tuning forks for deep trauma removal and biofield clearing. 90  minute sessions follow with a soothing Reiki treatment. Buy three 60 minute sessions for  $180 or three 90 minutes sessions for $250

Spiritual/Holistic Counseling


60 minute session. Because sometimes we just need to talk to someone. Confidential. Holistic. Compassionate.

Psychic Intuitive Reading

$75 & $100

A one hour psychic intuitive reading using tarot and oracle cards for a message from your angels or combine Reiki and a Reading in a 90 minute session

Aura Imaging


30 minute session includes 2 aura photos on 4x6 glossy paper; a head photo and a full aura picture. You get a personal aura interpretation in person and full report emailed to you.

House Clearing


For an onsite clearing $25 travel fee will be added

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