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The Reiki Place
Phosphora Homeopathy

Sessions and Prices
Click Here for Reiki Classes

Online sessions from anywhere. I am in the Eastern Time Zone and work flexible hours to accommodate your time zone. 

In-Person sessions in Ooltewah TN and the Greater Chattanooga Area

7800 Steppingstone Ln, Ooltewah TN 37363. Appointment required.

Flexible hours Wed-Sat and on other days as required. 

Reiki Treatment


$120 for a 60 minute session

3 sessions for $300

$145 for a 75 minute session with integrated sound bath

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Biofield Tuning

$120 & $150

60 minute session uses tuning forks for deep trauma clearing and biofield tuning. 90  minute sessions follow with a soothing Reiki treatment. Buy three 60 minute sessions for  $300 or three 90 minute sessions for $375



$250 Initial Consultation

90-120 minutes. $90 Follow on consults 30-60 minutes. Installment Payments

Friends Walking Home

Spiritual/Holistic Mentoring


60 minute session. Because sometimes we just need to talk to someone. Confidential. Holistic. Compassionate. Insightful.

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