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Phosphora Homeopathy

Bottles of homeopathic drugs, mortars of mineral substances and medicinal plants. Infusion

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that emerged in Germany in the late 1700s when Samuel Hahnemann, a trained physician, became disillusioned with the medicine of his day and created a safer and more effective way to treat illness. Homeopathy is based on the law of similars which was also well known to Hippocrates himself. Hippocrates is the Greek physician who was known for saying "first do no harm." Homeopathy is used in many countries including France, Holland, India, Great Britain and many more. In fact, around 3 million people in more than 70 countries are now using homeopathy around the world. This highly effective and quite affordable healing modality is becoming increasingly popular and more available in the United States because more and more people like me are training as homeopaths.

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What Can Homeopathy Help With?

  • Homeopathy can help with a variety of physical and emotional issues such as but not limited to:

  • Acute and chronic infections

  • Digestive problems

  • Arthritis and chronic pain

  • High blood pressure

  • Hormone imbalances

  • High cholesterol and heart disease

  • Allergies, asthma and environmental sensitivity syndromes

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Chronic fatigue and thyroid disorders

  • Menstrual problems, infertility and menopausal symptoms

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • ADHD, autism and behavioral problems

  • Anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD

  • Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder

  • Epilepsy












Law of Similars:

The law of similars is based on the idea that all things in nature have energy and illness has its own energy. When you treat illness with a similar energy it stimulates the body to get well. An example is the arnica plant. Arnica is a member of the daisy family which grows in the mountains. It grows where trees have been felled and amongst debris where the soil is torn apart. Arnica is a hardy plant that knows how to rebound from being battered about by the harsh mountain environment. When a person has been bruised or injured, Arnica in homeopathic preparation is very helpful. This energy of being able to rebound is imparted to the person who takes the remedy and they can recover more easily from bruises, surgery and injuries. This is what we mean by like cures like. Arnica is readily available over the counter and many people use homeopathic arnica for bruising. I have used it myself after having surgery and was able to avoid traditional pain killers all together. It is most effective if you have been told exactly how and when to use it by a trained homeopath and what potency to select.

Classical Homeopathy:

There are many approaches to homeopathy and they are not all the same. The approach I use is called Classical Homeopathy. It is based on the original teachings of Samuel Hahnemann and modern homeopathic teachers who have risen to prominence in the world of homeopathy; people like Dr. Rajan Sankaran, George Vithoulkas, Misha Norland, Miranda Castro, Jan Scholten and many others. Classical homeopathy requires dedicated study. I went to the School of Homeopathy in the United Kingdom and studied a 4 year program with an 18 month internship where I treated people under the supervision of an experienced homeopath. The essential teaching in classical homeopathy is to find the smallest possible effective dose of just the right remedy. 

What is a remedy?

A remedy is a preparation, usually given in the form of tiny pills or pellets or a liquid tincture. The preparations are made from anything in nature including plants, minerals, animals. Remedies are prepared for homeopathic use in a special way which includes dilution and succussion - a special way of shaking the remedy. The easiest way to understand this method of preparation is that it extracts the energy of the material being used. Therefore homeopathic arnica is a bit different from preparations that use herbal arnica because it is the extracted energy of the arnica and not the arnica itself that you are using although real arnica is used in the beginning of the process. This way of preparing remedies makes them safe to use and allows us to use a wide variety of natural substances. 

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The Homeopathic Consult

A homeopathic consult takes about 90-120 minutes (about 2 hours). It takes the form of a question and answer session. I want to get to know everything I can about you so that I can make a sound decision about what remedy to give you. It's quite informal, we only talk. You never have to undress and I don't run any tests or use any instruments on you. This means that it is completely possible to do entirely remotely. I want to find out everything I can about what you are dealing with and then I want to know what makes you tick; what your fears and worries are, what makes you happy, what makes you sad and how you feel about your illness - what effect it's having on your life. Then I will make a decision for your remedy. I purchase the remedies on line and send those directly to your home so you never have to worry about filling a prescription and there are no additional costs. Please see my services page for fees. I will check in on you about two weeks after taking your remedy. Then I will see you for a follow on appointment about one month after our first appointment together. Follow on appointments take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on what we need to discuss. At that time I might adjust your remedy or tell you to take it again. Sometimes you only need one dose of a remedy and sometimes you might need to take it for longer. Chronic conditions that you have suffered from for some time may need unravelling carefully and can take time. To give you the best possible outcome I might also make other recommendations to you such as changes to your diet or changes to your lifestyle. Those who have the best outcomes are those who are willing to do all that it takes to get healthy. 

Case Examples:

Case of Mouth Abscess

Catherine had suffered for several years with an abscessed tooth. The bone had decayed around the tooth and the abscess refused to drain. Her dentist was recommending surgery to drain the abscess. Catherine was afraid the surgery would further damage the delicate bone and tissue around the tooth. I used a protocol including cell salts (homeopathic minerals) to improve bone density and support the healing process, a homeopathic mouth wash to reduce swelling and assist healing, and a constitutional remedy made from a rare earth mineral to help Catherine heal. A constitutional remedy addresses the root cause of the illness which is often based on an emotional situation. After several months on the protocol, Catherine's abscess drained completely. The bone supporting the tooth began to heal and she no longer required surgery. Additionally Catherine resolved several issues in her life, including her job and her relationship with her parents, both of which had been a source of aggravation to her.


Case of Panic Attacks

Faye suffered severe depression and was prone to panic attacks which caused heart palpitations and breathing difficulty. She lacked confidence in her job and felt that her mother was controlling and demanding. Although she supported her family when they needed her help, she felt that they never reciprocated when she needed support and she felt neglected and abandoned by them. Faye had done Reiki with me for several months before she tried homeopathy and while Reiki had helped, it had not reduced her incidence of panic attacks which came on whenever she doubted herself. Over the course of treating Faye with Reiki I had never seen her smile. She needed an animal remedy that is based in the energy of wolf. A wolf supports its pack and is supported by its pack. Once she tried this remedy her panic attacks substantially subsided and her relationship with her mother dramatically improved. She was able to stand up for herself and no longer felt that she needed to go along with the things her family wanted from her. She was able to express her own personality more completely. At her last appointment I caught Faye smiling for the first time ever. Even her friends commented on the changes in her. 

Case of Pre-Cancerous Cell Growth

Emma was a cancer survivor and had received homeopathy after cancer treatment. When she came to me her doctor had detected the presence of pre-cancerous cells in a routine checkup. I worked with her on diet, encouraging to follow an alkaline diet but she found it difficult in part because she was addicted to cola and her attempts to give it up always failed. I gave her a protocol of rare earth minerals, followed by an animal remedy. The minerals helped her body fight the cell changes while the animal remedy helped her overcome her inner demons telling her she wasn't good enough. Finally I gave her a homeopathic remedy made from the same source as cola. In their raw form, some substances can be poisonous, addictive, or make you sick. These same substances, in homeopathic preparation, reverse the action of poison, addiction or sickness. The cola remedy helped Emma overcome her cola addition and she finally was able to stop drinking it. At her last routine doctor visit, the doctor gave her a clean bill of health. 

Case of torn ACL

Alex had damaged a knee tendon while riding his bike - an activity he loved and didn't want to give up. The doctor had told him that he didn't need surgery but the knee was slow to heal and continued to give him pain. I gave him a simple mineral remedy which suited his constitution and within a short time the pain went away and he was able to enjoy riding his bike as before. 

Case of Lethargy and Hypothyroid

Jenny had lost her spark. Over the years she had gone from being the life of the party to in bed by nine pm. Work had become mundane and routine. Her doctor told her that she would need to take her thyroid medication for the rest of her life. Even though she had cleaned up her diet she wasn't losing weight and she couldn't understand why. She also suffered from inflammation. After the first dose of her homeopathic medicine she reported feeling more lively. After three months on a homeopathic protocol she felt much like her old self. Her doctor reduced her thyroid meds. After 9 months her tests showed that her thyroid function was completely normal and she was taken off thyroid medication completely. Her cholesterol and triglycerides looked good and she was generally proclaimed to be in excellent health. She spontaneously lost 20 pounds without trying during a 9 month perod. Note that Jenny was on a healthy diet and working with her doctor while receiving homeopathic treatment. 

Case of Acid Reflux and Night Terrors

Jonathan suffered from anxiety and night terrors and had been coming for Reiki for several months. The Reiki always helped to calm him but had not cured him of his anxiety. In addition he had acid reflux and craved sweets which always made him worse. When he was diagnosed with HIV we decided to switch him to a homeopathic protocol. At first I addressed the acid reflux with a mineral remedy and then I addressed the anxiety with a plant remedy that was well suited to his constitution. After his first dose of homeopathy, Jonathan started getting above average results in his HIV tests - he was doing very well and his doctor was impressed with his progress. After several doses of homeopathy Jonathan changed his job - which had been a high source of his anxiety - and his night terrors stopped. He found a job working with animals which was much better suited to his personality. 

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