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Reiki Master/Teacher
Holistic Health Practitioner

The Reiki Place
Phosphora Homeopathy

Mary Fielder, PDHom Adv, RSHom, RMT 
Holistic Health Practitioner
Registered Homeopath
Reiki Master Teacher

Hello. My name is Mary Fielder and I own The Reiki Place & Phosphora Homeopathy. Why 2 businesses? More about that below. 


First, about me. I have been a Holistic Health Practitioner for over 10 years. My journey as a healer started when a dear friend, who was on anti-depressants, took his own life. He accidentally went cold turkey on one of those medications that in the fine print they tell you not to because it can make you want to commit suicide. Well it did and he did. In that moment my life changed and I started studying holistic health. I knew there was a better way out of depression than taking medications. And there is. So I started studying and learning all I could about holistic health. I built a vibrant and successful practice in Colorado Springs until I moved here to Tennessee in December 2021. The reason I moved here is hard to explain, so let’s just say I followed my calling and knew there was healing work here for me to do - including my own. 


I no longer run an office but have chosen to work from home. I have beautifully appointed rooms here in Ooltewah, TN, dedicated to my practice and it is safe, clean and comfortable. What’s more I don’t have to pay rent for office space so I can pass those savings onto my students and clients in the form of discounts. I offer several loyalty discounts to those who return for more classes or healing treatments. 


In the last ten years I have earned many certificates and qualifications. I was a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the ICRT for several years before choosing to leave that organization in 2024. I wanted to concentrate more time on building my homeopathy practice and my online presence. The licensed teacher program included many additional hours studying and practicing Reiki at all levels so that my personal relationship with Reiki, and my skill with Reiki has grown tremendously since my practice began in 2014. Additionally I obtained a PhD in Natural and Holistic Health and Healing, and an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy, culminating with membership in the prestigious North American Society of Homeopaths.


Today I offer you the opportunity to explore new approaches to your health that include energy treatments like Reiki and Biofield Tuning and alternative medicine in the form of Homeopathy. I also offer spiritual and emotional counseling for helping you understand the way the world works at the spiritual or metaphysical level. One question I often used to ask myself is why do bad things have to happen to good people? Today I can answer that question with confidence, empathy and compassion. 


Why 2 businesses? The Reiki Place and Phosphora Homeopathy?

When I began studying homeopathy I was building my business - The Reiki Place - in downtown Colorado Springs. The name made it easy for people to find me online and my favorable location downtown made it easy for people to come in person. When I qualified as a Homeopath I wanted to include homeopathy into my practice but by that time The Reiki Place was well branded and had good visibility in the search engines. I felt that my homeopathy practice would get lost inside The Reiki Place. So I started a new business called Phosphora Homeopathy. I don’t want to manage 2 websites or 2 places of work, so I just merged it all together but I wanted each side of my business to have it’s own visibility because they are very different practices. Today in my practice you may come for Reiki and you may go home with a homeopathic remedy (I offer single dose remedies for free when it is obvious what you need and if I have it on hand). Or you may come for homeopathy and end up booking a Biofield Tuning appointment for deep trauma release. I believe the mind, the body and the spirit cannot be separated out into three different parts. You are one person. It all works together. Sometimes you just need a homeopathic remedy to correct a physical issue and sometimes you just need a Reiki treatment to release stress. But sometimes you need an approach that integrates both so that you can feel better all around. If that sounds appealing to you I hope you will consider booking an appointment with me. Don’t worry too much about which modality you need - just pick the one that calls to you and we can start there.


In addition to my qualifications in holistic health I hold a Bachelors Degree in European Studies and a Masters Degree in Space Operations Management. Before giving up my career to become a full time healer, I worked as a software engineer and then a systems engineer in the defense contracting arena supporting the Air Force and the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command. In my last position I supported our forward deployed troops with innovative communications devices that worked over satellite communications. Earlier in my career I supported the upgrade of NORAD’s Air Mission in Cheyenne Mountain during and following the air attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001. 

I am registered with the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH)

I am also registered on the Biofield Tuning website: Biofield Tuning (Advanced Practitioner)


I wish you Peace and Good Health.


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