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Reiki Master/Teacher
Holistic Health Practitioner

The Reiki Place is Proud to Refer the Following Practitioners for in-person sessions:

As I transition my practice from Colorado Springs CO to Chattanooga TN (actually to Ooltewah) I am sorry to lose many beloved and loyal clients in the Colorado Springs area. 

Also consider distance sessions with me beginning in January 2022 (I am taking the month of December off to move). I can do Biofield Tuning, Reiki, Psychic Intuitive Readings and Spritual Mentorship all remotely via phone or Zoom. 

I am continuing to take homeopathy clients (remotely) and I continue to offer Reiki Classes locally both in Colorado Springs and in Chattanooga throughout the upcoming months. I will be fully settled into my new Ooltewah home by the end of December 2021.

I am proud to have trained or worked with these wonderful people below. If you are looking for local in-person healing sessions in the Colorado Springs area please look them up. They each have their specialities and unique healing abilities. I can personally attest to each one of them having sincere and heart-felt healing energy. Please do let them know you found them here on my site. If you are in Eastern Tennessee or North Georgia, especially in the Greater Chattanooga area, I would love to see you in person.

Sonya Seright: Reiki, Meditation, Tarot

Phone: 719.820.3220

Sonya continues to work out of the Weber St. Office

“Greetings! My name is Sonya Lyn. My spiritual & healing journey began 11 years ago when I was told I would never walk again after an accident damaged my spinal cord. After experiencing multiple energetic healing modalities & yoga practices in conjunction with western medicine, I am now not only walking but also enjoying hiking and any other physical activity I desire, living a full and active life. This healing & spiritual journey led me to my divine calling, energetic healing.


Over the last decade, I have studied meditation in its many forms, developed my more psychic abilities by honing my intuitive senses, and developed my skills as a Reiki Practitioner. My passion is not only providing alternative and holistic modalities of healing but also empowering you, as a divine individual, to embrace your own healing abilities. During a Reiki session, as I am focusing healing Reiki Source Energy and offering any intuitively guided messages that may come through, I am also sharing practices, methods and perspectives that will empower you to heal yourself. 


Healing is a multi-faceted endeavor, and what works best for you will depend on your unique needs. I am able to offer support in your healing journey through the profound but gentle power of Reiki along with sharing meditative practices that are specific to your personality and attention style as well as offering intuitive guidance through Tarot readings and sharing guided intuitions from your higher self and guides during your Reiki session.


I am a Holy Fire® Reiki II Practitioner, a Divine Light Reiki Master and a Meditation Instructor. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. I am continuing my education, and I look forward to offering additional services and healing modalities in the near future. I also offer End of Life support for those who are about to pass into the next dimension as well as specialized care for those of the LGBTQIA+ community. 


I look forward to co-creating your best life with and for you. Namaste.”


Julie Speetjens: Reiki, Spiritual Mediumship

Soaring Heart Energies

Phone: 719.660.7924

Hi, I’m Julie Speetjens and my motto is “Worry Less, Reiki More”.  I began my healing journey when corporate burnout had me feeling like a robot just going through the motions of my life. Reiki has been a springboard to my spiritual awakening, and has renewed my life-force energy!


I believe we are not a body with a Soul, but rather a Soul with a body. We are all here in our perfectly imperfect lives in order to learn and grow. We often spend our lives searching for external happiness before realizing that we must create it within ourselves. Through my Reiki Master studies, I have released negative energies and destructive patterns that no longer serve my spiritual growth, and I have learned to consciously choose positive emotions and constructive actions. After all, the habits we create to survive no longer serve us when it’s time to thrive! I have given my inner-critic permission to be silent. I have learned to overcome my doubts, to trust my intuition, and to choose love over fear. 


In 2019, Reiki helped me recover from hip surgery by alleviating my pain, promoting sound sleep, and empowering me to stop taking pain medicine and abandon my crutches weeks ahead of schedule. Reiki is a transformative force that truly can heal our minds, our bodies, and our Spirit if we allow it.


I believe that the healing power of Reiki energy is limitless, and I am beyond thrilled to be working and learning with Mary and my fellow healers at The Reiki Place. I hope Reiki will help you fall in love with your life again, and that you will let me be part of that amazing journey!


I am a Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Practitioner and Registered Karuna Reiki® Master Practitioner. I have created and hosted several online events, including “Zen Wednesday” and “Soul Journey Sundays”, and I have been featured on several podcasts including: “Sacred Connections”, “Journey to Wellness”, “The Sedona Files”, and “Floating On a Cloud”. I am also a Coordinator with Healing Wheel Wellness Retreats.


I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Alabama and a Certificate in Energy Medicine from UCCS. I enjoy volunteering with  LifeSpark Cancer Resources providing Reiki healing to individuals with cancer.


Yamaris (Jai) Payne: Reiki, Guided Meditations, Sound Therapy, Crystals

Nanichi Energies

Phone: 719.304.1371

Hi, my name is Yamaris Payne and I am the owner of Nanichi Energies.

I believe that healing is not a one size fits all but that is based on the individual's particular needs. We are complex beings made up of our own experiences, our own emotions, cultural influences, religious or non religious beliefs as well as mental and physical challenges. 

At Nanichi I would like to offer you a place of relaxation and healing through the use of Reiki, sound therapy, crystals and guided meditations. I extend a caring hand to you in your life's journey to find balance, reconnect with yourself and others as well as to assist you in finding your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. It will be an honor for me to be part of your healing discovery and see you thrive. I can't wait to meet you.

I am a Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master certified by the International Center of Reiki Training or ICRT. I hold a BA in Humanities and I am currently working on my Spiritual Counseling and Bodywork certifications. I am offering under clinical supervision reflexology, acupressure, meridian therapy, somatic trauma, cranium sacral and more. Services available in Spanish as well. Hablamos español. 

Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand

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