Remote Healing,
Distance Reiki, and
Distance Biofield Tuning

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All of the services we offer at The Reiki Place (except aura imaging) can be done remotely while you are comfortable at home. Distance Reiki and Distance Biofield Tuning can be used when clients schedule an appointment and then for some reason are unable to attend at the office either because of weather or because they are sick or some other reason.  It's a shame to miss a Reiki appointment when you are sick because that's the exact time it works best. Remote healing sessions are also great when you are on business travel or visiting family away from home. Both of those situations have unique stress factors and so receiving Reiki at these times can be especially helpful. Similarly, tuning the Biofield (your energy field) at the exact moment of stress can bring much instant relief and prevent blocks from building up in the energy field. Reiki has a way of bringing clarity as well as inner peace and this can be useful when dealing with difficult relationships or situations.

The Reiki Place offers distance/remote healings sessions for the following:

  • Distance Reiki

  • Distance Biofield Tuning

  • Distance Readings

  • Distance Holistic/Spiritual Counseling

All of the above distance healing sessions can be done in a variety of ways. We can do them over the phone or using a face-to-face app such as Skype, Zoom, and Facebook Messenger. For intuitive readings it is helpful to be able to see the cards as they come up. Often in a reading you will see things in the cards that I don't see and I like it when you come up with their own insights.

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Does Distance Reiki Really Work?

What is Distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki, or remote Reiki, is a healing session that is given while you are (typically) in your own home and your Reiki Practitioner is somewhere else. You do not have to attend in person to receive the benefits of Reiki healing.

Distance / Remote Reiki Healing Sessions Testimonials:

Many people are skeptical of distance or remote Reiki until they experience it for themselves. Here are just a few comments from my distance Reiki clients:


"I slept very well last night for the first time in over a week. My body clock seemed to hit a reset button. I felt the Reiki stretch out of my sore muscles and when I woke up  felt more clear-headed which I didn't all week..."  J.M.


"I felt energy pulsing through the tips of my fingers, my abdomen and my throat. Then I drifted into a different level of consciousness and  I heard a voice tell me the meaning of my name... which is strange because I have a very unusual name."  A.C.


"I am feeling very peaceful now. At one point I had the feeling of floating over my body... I would say I was dreaming but I know I was wide awake. I also felt tingling around my head for a long period of time. At one point I felt the same feeling around my kidney area and in my lower back. T.S.


"My lower back pain and shoulder pain are gone." M.A.

"I had an interesting journey. I feel like I could run 10 miles. I am grateful to the Creator for your assistance." J.R.

What to Expect in a Remote Reiki Session:

When receiving distance Reiki we want you to be in full receiving mode, relaxed, comfortable and uninterrupted. Here's how it goes:

  • First we set up an appointment, just like with an office visit.

  • At the appointed time your Reiki practitioner calls you using a method we agree to (Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, phone etc.) and we talk briefly. You can choose to keep the line open or we simply hang up while you receive Reiki.

  • You make yourself comfortable in a space where it is safe to fall asleep and where you are not going to be disturbed for 45 minutes. You can play soft music, light a salt lamp or burn incense as you desire.

  • We send you distance Reiki for about 45 minutes. You will feel the Reiki begin to flow a minute or two after the session begins. Distance Reiki is a subtle feeling that is somewhat different for everyone. When you find yourself thinking "this feels a bit different, I wonder if this is it... " that's probably it!

  • At the end of the session your Reiki practitioner sends a signal, usually a text message, or rejoins the meeting.

  • If you have fallen asleep we don't want to wake you up. Your body does its best healing while you are resting. When you are ready we will get in touch and talk briefly to exchange notes on what we each experienced. We are also keen to hear that you enjoyed your session. 


People are amazed at what they experience and at what their Reiki practitioner experiences during a distance Reiki session. We can often sense when clients are falling asleep or into a deep theta healing state. We sense energy blocks just as if you were there in person and can clear them in the same way too. We can sense chakra imbalances and clear chakra blocks. Many clients report that their pain went away or they slept very well following a distance Reiki session.


How Does Remote Reiki Work?

If you read authors like David Wilcock, Dr. Valerie Hunt, Lynne McTaggart, Eileen Day McKusick, and numerous others who have written about the source field, the human energy field, or the Biofield, then you are aware of the web of interconnectedness that pervades all of space. Space is, in fact, not empty as was once thought but full of a fluid web through which all frequency or vibration, which is energy, can travel. When Einstein talked about "spooky action at a distance" he was referring to the influence of energy across this web, or through the source field. Your cell phone signals move through the field from satellites orbiting the earth. Radio waves travel through the field as well. When you are driving in your car and you decide to listen to the radio, you tune the radio to the channel you like. But when you turn the radio off what happens to all that music? It's still there, in the airwaves, you just aren't tuning in to it. Reiki is always there too, in the airwaves. Reiki Practitioners tune into when we decide to give a Reiki session. This is why receiving the gift of Reiki is called an "attunement." When we send distance Reiki we first tune into Reiki and then tune in to a specific person's energy. We set the intention using our consciousness to direct the Reiki energy directly to you. Our pineal gland (also known as our third eye) is a receiver/transmitter and allows us to tune in through conscious intent to another person's energy and to all cosmic information. With Reiki we also invoke the Reiki distance symbol that empowers the Reiki to reach you.

Carl Jung was one pioneer who talked about the collective consciousness. A sort of collective pool of wisdom hanging in the ether from which we all draw. Have you ever had the experience of thinking about someone you haven't seen for a while and then they call you? This is because there was a connection in the global consciousness. Have you ever detected over the phone that someone had been crying or that they were depressed before they even said anything? This is because you are tuning into their energy. Distance Reiki works like this. 


There are many people, metaphysical, scientific and otherwise who have experienced first hand and proven in their own minds that distance Reiki works. However explaining how it works is more difficult. While mainstream science is just beginning to catch on to some of these ideas, many alternative scientists are beginning to find scientific explanations of how distance Reiki works, not just that it works. The explanation lies in ideas from Quantum Physics. Here's one way to look at it: the voyager spacecraft was launched on September 5, 1977. At the time of writing this it is 11.7 billion miles from earth, well beyond the sun's heliosphere that expands to the edge of our solar system. It is still transmitting signals back to earth and expected to do so until 2020 or possibly 2025. The only reason is because there is insufficient power available to maintain the instruments. How is it possible for the signals to reach earth from so far away? Even though we know that the spacecraft has a transmitter and the ground station has a receiver, how does the signal connect over such a vast distance without getting lost? Could it be the same way distance Reiki reaches it's recipient? It's not magic, it's science and Voyager is proof of a concept that seems impossible but isn't. The pineal gland in the human brain is a transmitter and a receiver containing tiny crystals (just like a quartz crystal radio) and when you set the intention to direct energy to another, you can channel Reiki and it reaches them. One distance Reiki client said "At one point I saw the candle start to flicker and I just knew your energy was here with me in the room. It comforted me."

Here is an interesting article about Reiki and Distance Reiki. They even have a complicated scientific name for it. Scroll down in the linked article for the information about Distant Mental Interaction with Living Systems (DMILS).