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We strive to treat everyone with respect and honor life as it comes up but our time matters too. Please schedule your appointment thoughtfully at a time you can commit. We request 24 hours if you need to cancel or reschedule so we can try to fill that slot. When you cancel or no-show on the same day we reserve the right to keep your payment for that session. If unusual circumstances exist we will work with you. 

Most appointments are paid in advance and appointment reminders go out the day before an appointment. If you cancel the day before your appointment there is no penalty.

If you cancel last minute you can request a distance Reiki session as a makeup. Distance Reiki is especially useful if you don't want to drive because you don't feel well or if you get stuck in a meeting at the last minute and can't get out on time.  Most people are skeptical at first but those who try it are usually pleasantly surprised and richly rewarded. Read more about  remote sessions here.


The Reiki Place Cancellation Policy

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