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Karuna Reiki® is a master vibration of Reiki and you must be a Reiki Master to qualify for a Karuna Reiki® class. The traditional Reiki method, known as Usui Reiki Ryoho was brought to us by Mikao Usui (who we call Usui Sensei).  Usui Reiki Ryoho therefore means Usui's method of Reiki. Karuna Reiki® was brought to us by the International Center for Reiki Training. It is founded in the Reiki principles of Usui Reiki Ryoho and so it builds on Usui Reiki and adheres to all the principles of Reiki that we, as Reiki Masters, have come to love and cherish. Karuna means compassion and the loving, compassionate energy of Karuna raises your vibration to the next level. This is a powerful Reiki energy. Karuna Reiki® has eight new symbols that you can use to empower your Reiki and help your friends, family and clients to experience deeper, more meaningful Reiki healing. More importantly, the symbols and the ignitions into Karuna Reiki®  raise your own Reiki vibration and help you harness the tremendous healing power of the energy and consciousness of the universe including the power of sound. 

Read about my own healing experiences using the power of sound with Karuna Reiki® here.

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There are eight Karuna Reiki® symbols which are given to you upon registration for you to familiarize yourself with them. The symbols will help you to:

  • Heal trauma at a cellular level allowing your body to release the imprint of the trauma in your memory and cellular structure, heal child abuse, past life issues and clear out karma

  • Heal unconscious patterns and the shadow self, heal physical and sexual abuse, heal deep psychological attack

  • Heal addictions, develop good habits, develop compassionate action and contact spiritual beings

  • Heal the lower chakras, clear the mind, clear negative energy in a room, manifest material goals, create determination and completion

  • Connect with the higher self, improve learning ability, heal communication, increase creativity

  • Claim your power, heal co-dependence, heal reality awareness, empower your goals, heal the earth

  • Bring peace, create trust, heal insomnia, heal fear and panic, manifest the best outcome, increase clairvoyance

  • Grounding, manifest earthly goals, create priorities, heal the human race


In class I also cover the science of sound vibration. Karuna Reiki® introduces the use of toning and chanting: a powerful way to increase the vibration. I used it on a client with a blood clot in the brain and after her session she had another MRI - the blood clot had cleared up. I believe the sound broke it up. At first I felt silly chanting out loud but after the results of the MRI came in I was amazed. Remember that the ancients used sound to create their monolithic structures, using sound vibration in chorus to lift up the huge rocks into place. Chanting and Toning out loud with Karuna Reiki optional®. You can also chant the symbols in your mind or under your breath.

Who Can Take the Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Master Class?

You must be a Reiki Master to take Karuna Reiki®.  You will need to know all the symbols that are taught up to the Master Level, including the 3 Reiki Level 2 symbols, and the Reiki Master symbol. And don't worry I will send you a refresher on those when you register for class! If you don't already have the Holy Fire® ignitions you will receive those in this class. You do not need to have taken Holy Fire® Reiki before. You will receive all necessary ignitions to teach Holy Fire® Reiki at all levels following this class if you should decide to do so. That includes Reiki Levels 1 and 2, Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna Reiki®. You can also continue to teach or practice other types of Reiki you have trained in. 

Upgrading your Reiki Energy to Holy Fire® III 

If you have not taken Holy Fire®, but you are Reiki Master from another Reiki discipline, this is a great opportunity to take Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® together. You will then be able to teach Holy Fire® in all your Reiki classes, even your level I and level II classes and your ART/Master classes. Please note that this vibration of Reiki, as with all Reiki, is not religious and requires no spiritual belief system. Holy simply put means healing.


In Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki, we move away from the old style attunements and instead use ignitions and placements. During an ignition or a placement, the teacher guides the students in meditation. Students therefore receive their Reiki gift directly from Source energy, rather than through the filter of a human teacher. This is a powerful and beautiful way to receive Reiki. It’s a much more intimate connection for the student and consequently a powerful healing journey for you. The Reiki Master Class is now a personal healing journey rather than an exercise in rote memorization of the attunement process. It also allows you to grow your class size because you can attune many students at once.


If you are a Reiki Master still giving attunements, your ignition into Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® will allow you to use ignitions and placements in all your Reiki classes and upgrade your teaching to Holy Fire® across your Reiki practice. You do not have to retake all your other Reiki classes once you have received the Holy Fire® energy vibration at least once.

Registration with the International Center for Reiki Training

Karuna Reiki® is taught only by those registered with the International Center for Reiki Training. When you receive your Karuna Reiki® certificate you will also need to register. It does not cost anything to register as a Karuna Reiki® teacher and I will help through the simple process in the class. If you also choose to become a member of the ICRT, which is optional, there is a fee associated with that and you are able to do that once you have your Karuna Reiki® certificate or any Reiki certificate.

Why Do We Need Another Kind of Reiki?

I took my Karuna Reiki® class on Mt. Kurama in Japan. Mt Kurama (also called Karama Yama) is where Usui Sensei first received his gift of Reiki and so it is known as the birthplace of Reiki. My teachers were William Rand and Colleen Benelli. William Rand is the founder and President of the International Center for Reiki Training and Colleen is a senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher. The story of how Karuna Reiki originated, as I remember William recounting, goes something like this: Reiki energy has its own consciousness and has been developed into many different styles by many different people. In fact all the great masters in the Usui Reiki lineage have developed their own style of Reiki. Today there are many people practicing and teaching variations of Reiki. While Reiki is an ancient art, and energy healers have existed since humans first walked the planet, most of the Reiki practiced in America evolved from the teachings of Mikao Usui who discovered his gift of Reiki on Mt. Kurama in 1922 whilst meditating on his own enlightenment. Usui Sensei developed his Reiki style in his own way, no-one showed him how to do it. Following Mikao, Churijo Hayashi developed his own style and passed that on to Hawayo Takata. Mrs. Takata then personalized her style of Reiki and that is what she introduced in America. We learn this basic history in Reiki Level I class. It is the Eastern tradition with all energy-based modalities such as QiGong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu for masters to develop their own styles and have their method named after them.


From the beginning then, Reiki has been developing, evolving and molding to the style of those teaching it. There is no one way to give a good energy healing since the true healing comes from the heart and not from the hands. Over the years, working with his own students, and his own guides, William learned of new symbols that help us to harness additional vibrations of energy with specific intent. Some of these symbols came through to his students in meditation. He selected the best of the best and branded his new style of Reiki Karuna Reiki®. Karuna means compassion. Compassion is the vibration of the new age and the heart-centered energy that is helping planet Earth and of us to evolve spiritually. That’s why Karuna Reiki® made complete sense to me and why I decided I wanted to include this most beautiful energy vibration in my Reiki practice.


Anyone is at liberty to develop their own style of Reiki, or for that matter, any type of energy healing modality.  This is not an exclusive right of any one organization or person. Energy is something that is abundant and completely free in the universe and we all have the right to access it and to channel it in service to others.


In order to teach Karuna Reiki®,  Reiki Masters must register with the ICRT and adhere to the ethics and standards of practice of that organization. I am therefore a registered teacher and also a professional member of the ICRT (reiki.org) and I teach the same curriculum that is taught at the ICRT. My registration number is 87673.

®Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki are registered trade marks of William Lee Rand.

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