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Healing Anxiety with Natural Medicine

Is it possible to get off anxiety meds and heal anxiety using a holistic approach such as energy medicine?

Drugs make you feel drugged but energy medicine makes you feel energized
Healing Anxiety with Natural Medicine is Completely Possible

Healing Anxiety with Natural Medicine is an effective strategy for reducing your dependency on drugs and doctors. Federal studies show that 50% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 had symptoms of anxiety in 2023. That’s a staggering number. Anxiety is on the rise, and it doesn’t just affect young people, there are many adults, including the aging population, who suffer from anxiety. The studies indicate that almost one third of the population, including adults and the elderly, suffered from anxiety. 

Anxiety is an emotional state in which you have strong feelings of panic, fear and nervousness. Once you enter a state of anxiety you can develop physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, excessive perspiration, and trembling. Anxiety also makes it difficult to concentrate or stay focused, and it contributes not in a small way to insomnia. It also makes people feel on edge so that those around you feel like they need to walk on egg shells. Anxiety is a perplexing state that makes you less inclined to do the things you love in case they trigger your anxiety. Excessive fear and worry eventually can manifest in the physical body in the form of nausea, vomiting, heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea and all kinds of digestive disturbances, migraines and heart palpitations.

Causes of Anxiety

From the holistic, rather than the medical perspective, there are several causes of anxiety. 

  1. Some people are just born as worriers. They worry about everything. When you think of anything, something simple like driving to a new place, your mind races on and thinks about all the things that can go wrong. Getting into an accident, running in to traffic, getting lost. Being a worrier is a form of anxiety. 

  2. There is past trauma. Let’s use a simple example such as a small child being knocked over by a big dog. The child feels unsafe, hurt and afraid. These emotions get locked in to the energy field and the psyche. Now, whenever a big dog approaches, the child gets anxious. His heart rate goes up, his blood pressure goes up and he may start to tremble. These feelings of anxiety around dogs can continue into adulthood if the energy of the trauma is not cleared. 

  3. Then there is a deeper anxiety that is rooted in low self esteem or lack of power over your own life. This can be caused by a parent, that is strict, and has a narrow vision of who you should be as a person and how you should behave, making it really difficult for you to be your true self. This kind of anxiety is going to lead you to suppress your natural personality and become someone you are not. 

  4. Another kind of anxiety is the result of being an empath. We are all empaths. Some of us are more sensitive or more knowledgable about what that means and some of us are better at handling it than others.  But most of us, whether we realize it on a conscious level or not, are influenced by the energy in the room. That extends to the energy in the town in which we live, the energy in the shows we watch on TV, the culture in the country that we are living in and so on. This form of anxiety, where it comes from the collective, is especially difficult to deal with because whereas we can control our own mood to some extent, we cannot control world events or how people at large are reacting to them so we can’t change the external energies we can only learn to understand them, turn away from them, tune them out and brush them off. It’s a skill we can develop as we understand more about how energy works. 

If you have one of the other forms of anxiety and you are also an empath, this compounds your anxiety picture making it difficult for you to realize where your anxiety is coming from. It can be coming from different places at different moments in time. 

So what can you do about it?

Traditional approaches for anxiety disorders treated with various degrees of effectiveness using a combination of therapy and medication. While these approaches work for some people they don’t work for everyone and many people end up worse off than before, especially if they take anti-depressants, which are prescribed for the mental symptoms and beta blockers which are prescribed for the physical symptoms. Both of those types of drugs interfere with the balance of hormones in the body, disrupting the endocrine system (the hormonal system) leading to still more complications. Energy healing works in harmony with the endocrine system, restoring balance in the chakras, and naturally balancing your hormones instead of disrupting them, and so it is kinder to the body and has no side effects. 

Energy healing and energy medicine is effective because it gets to the root cause of your anxiety. Energy healing can help your mindset to shift so that find a new balance, become less susceptible to external influences, and less of a worrier by nature. You start to relax and enjoy the new experiences in your life instead of feeling that you can’t reach for them because of your anxiety. 

Everyone's experience with anxiety is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. It’s important to find someone who is willing to listen to you, someone who will spend time you and understand what makes you tick and then develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and symptoms.

In my practice I employ a combination approach using Reiki, Biofield Tuning, Homeopathy and Flower Essences. I may use one or more of these modalities depending on what you are drawn to as well as what I think will work best for you. It’s a decision we make together. Some people gravitate more towards Reiki and others to homeopathy while some prefer the tuning. So we do what you prefer and what seems to be working best for you and sometimes that means we switch back and forth as we go through layers. 

Reiki: Reiki works in you slowly over time, gently creating shifts in your perspective until you just don’t get triggered by things that used to worry you. People who have healed their anxiety using Reiki commonly say things like “Something happened this morning and in the past it would have got me worked up but this time, I just took it in stride.” 

Biofield Tuning: Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks to scan the aura from the moment of birth until the present time. Sometimes we can even go pre-birth to the energy of the mother when you were in utero. The forks help to release trapped energy from trauma. Even a small event, that would not bother an adult, can be a big trauma to a small child and that trauma can remain hidden in your energy field, interfering with your ability to resist stress factors that act as triggers in the subconscious. When trauma is the root cause of anxiety this method is highly effective. People who have used Biofield Tuning and therapy to release trauma have said that Biofield Tuning is more effective than traditional therapy. It works faster too. Typically about 3-6 sessions compared to often several years of therapy. 

Homeopathy: When anxiety has resulted in physical symptoms such as digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, acid reflux and stomach ulcers, skin problems like psoriasis, auto-immune diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome and other stress-related illnesses, homeopathy is my go to approach because it is highly effective on the physical plane as well as the emotional plane. Homeopathy includes flower essence remedies, referred to above, classical homeopathy remedies and modern de-tox remedies for reversing damage such as the side effects of modern medicines. People who have used homeopathy successfully say things like "I didn't even know I could heal from that. I thought it was something I would have for my whole life."

Side Effects of Anxiety Medications

Below are some of the most common medications that are used to treat anxiety and their long term effects. Most people are not better for taking them, but many report that their senses feel dulled, they lose their passion and motivation and some experience brain fog while using them. If you are taking any of them and you want to stop, you should work with your doctor to reduce the dose gradually in order to avoid serious withdrawal reactions. 

1. Antidepressants: Antidepressants, such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), are commonly used to treat anxiety disorders. SSRIs are major disrupters of the body’s endocrine system and will lead to long term complications including chronic digestive issues and may lead to suicide. SSRIs are some of the deadliest drugs we use and I mean that literally.

2. Benzodiazepines: These medications can help with short-term relief of anxiety by acting on the central nervous system but they can be habit-forming and are not recommended for long-term use. They are supposed to calm you down but often completely dull your senses and create a sort of lethargy within you so you are just too zoned out to feel anxiety or anything else. 

3. Beta Blockers: Beta blockers can help with physical symptoms of anxiety, such as a racing heart or trembling. Long term use will also lead to side effects such as diarrhea, constipation, dizziness and fatigue. 

Energy healing does not include use any of these things and does not have side effects. Rather, the healer works with the person’s own energy system to restore balance and eliminate symptoms. Energy medicines such as homeopathic remedies and flower essences are not drugs in the same sense that traditional prescription pharmaceuticals are drugs. Energy medicines work on a completely different level in the body. A pharmaceutical drug works only at the physical level whereas an energy medicine works at the physical, mental and spiritual level. A pharmaceutical drug is given to address a specific symptom or set of symptoms. An energy medicine protocol addresses the totality of symptoms as well as the root cause of the illness, which might be rooted in the mental, emotional or spiritual bodies and not just in the physical body. 

What You Can Do

Whether or not you are ready to try an energy healing approach there are several ways you can help yourself.

  1. Walking in nature or sitting in a park being close to natural life like trees, birds and rabbits.

  2. Meditating, sitting quietly looking at a book that will stir up only positive emotions such as your favorite artist, poet, nature photographer or fashion catalog, or closing your eyes and listening to relaxing instrumental music. 

  3. Taking up a hobby that has no point or purpose other than giving you pleasure

  4. Doing something creative (similar to the above point) such as playing or creating music, painting, knitting, sewing etc. 

  5. Get the junk food out of your diet. Yeah, everyone hates this one but it really works and your health will improve in so many ways. When you get on a diet that is free of preservatives, junk foods, “snack” foods, “breakfast” foods (such as boxed cereals) and gmo corn, wheat and soy, you will feel so much better. 

  6. Get out and make friends. If you don’t already have some good friends that you can talk to (aside from your partner), join a club, a meetup or something and make friends. Avoid the ones with high anxiety issues like yourself. Even though you will have something in common, it will keep you focused on the wrong thing. Choose healthy, relaxed and balanced people for your friends and some of it will rub off on you. 

Some other Treatments you can experiment with for yourself include the following:

  • Aromatherapy: Certain essential oils, such as lavender and chamomile, can have a calming effect on the body and the energy field.

  • Yoga: Yoga can help reduce anxiety symptoms by promoting relaxation and reducing stress. It improves the body's natural flow of energy and helps to move blocks.

  • Massage Therapy: Massage can help reduce physical tension and promote relaxation. It doesn't work so well on the emotional plane.

I offer a free discovery session to see if energy healing is right for you and give you the opportunity to ask questions. You can book that here.


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