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Can Reiki Help You Get Pregnant?

There are many reasons why some women have difficulty conceiving a baby and I’m not going to get into all the reasons why because that’s not my field. But when all the medical reasons have been looked into and there is no real medical reason why you can’t become pregnant then we are left with all the non-medical reasons. In many cases emotional factors and/or stress turn out to be major players.

In this article I’ll talk about 2 women who were able to get pregnant after pursuing a series of Reiki treatments. The first woman, I’ll call her Linda, visited me originally because she wanted health counseling. She had been diagnosed with some pre-cancerous cells in the uterus after successfully battling cancer in the past. When she was young, Linda had suffered through an abusive relationship from which she became pregnant and decided to abort the baby. She did not want to have a “rape baby.” The abortion brought on feelings of deep guilt until she felt that “she deserved to die.” Shortly afterwards the cancer developed. She was able to overcome it with the help of her doctors and went on to marry a wonderful man who was very good to her. However, she never really got over the abortion.

After several months of receiving weekly Reiki, Linda felt much better about herself and was able to let go of the guilty feelings. She arrived at a place where she was able to forgive herself and find much greater inner peace. On her Reiki journey she also improved her eating habits and started to feel much better about her physical health. I was surprised when she told me that she was pregnant for I didn’t know she was trying but it turns out that she and her husband had been wanting to have a baby for some time.

The pregnancy was successful and I was able to meet the baby and give him Reiki too. That was a deeply enriching experience for me. Feeling his vibrant energy develop in Linda’s tummy was a beautiful thing. Babies in utero have a very special energy that is a pleasure to witness.

The second case was a more straightforward situation. Emily had been under a lot of stress and was carrying some family stuff relating to her mother. In the past she had become pregnant but had had several miscarriages, each time after a short pregnancy. Her husband was supportive and encouraged her to seek help for relaxation and stress reduction. That’s exactly what Reiki is good at. When Emily came to see me she told me right away that becoming pregnant was her number one reason for trying Reiki.

On Emily’s third visit, just a little more than 8 weeks after the first visit, she announced that she was eight weeks pregnant. That means the Reiki was able to relax her enough that she got pregnant after that first session. Later on I found out that she was able to carry the baby to term and had a beautiful baby boy.

Reiki helps the body to relax and release stress. Most people feel this immediately while some other people need several sessions before they truly start to relax. When stress is reduced or eliminated the physical body functions easily and naturally. Under stress, the body cannot perform at its best because it’s resources are going towards remediating the effects of stress. They body is always working to keep itself in homeostasis (in balance). Stress is a state of being out of balance. When the body is under stress it doesn’t just make you tired. It prevents all sorts of natural body functions from occurring as they should.

Stress is the manifestation of many different emotions including fear, anger, pain, and frustration. It is also the body’s way of telling us that we need to stop and relax. If you are the kind of person that forgets to stop and rest, a series of Reiki treatments would be very good for you, whether or not you are trying to get pregnant. If you are trying to get pregnant, of course I can’t guarantee that Reiki will allow that to happen but it certainly won’t hurt to give it a try.

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