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Taking a Reiki Class Online

Updated: Apr 11

When you attend a Reiki class in person you naturally get an experience which includes hands-on Reiki. There's nothing like it, I won't lie. However, it's not also possible or cost effective to take a class in person. Traveling is expensive and tedious. Many people think that taking a class online will be less of an experience, or you won't receive the Reiki attunement or whatever.

Online classes at The Reiki Place are not webinars. You don't watch pre-recorded material or sit behind a computer monitor looking in. I want you right there up front in the classroom interacting with me and the other students as though you were here in person. It's as close to an in-person experience as you can get without actually being in person.

Many of my classes are hybrid classes. That means there may be students physically present as well as students online. In the classroom I have a camera focused on the room so you can see who is here and a camera focused on me so you can see me clearly. When it comes time for Reiki practice we mix and match online students with in-person students so that everyone gets to experience Reiki online with you.

My classes tend to be small - usually between 2 and 8 students so you won't be lost in an anonymous space. You will get lots of opportunity to interact with me and with the other students whether they are online or in-person.

If you decide to take a class online I do highly recommend a computer or larger tablet so that you can see clearly when I bring up the virtual whiteboard to show you how to draw the symbols. I also bring the digital version of the manual up online so you can follow along. Classes are all day, typically from 9:30 to 5 and it can get uncomfortable staring into a tiny mobile device for that long, especially when we are looking at the manual, so find a nice comfortable place to put your laptop or large tablet, where you can clearly see the screen and we can clearly see you. We do several meditations throughout class so it can be helpful to have your own music handy. I recommend something instrumental and relaxing. Sometimes people like it when I play music over the computer but other times, depending on your own equipment, it can sound nicer if you play your own music in your own room. Have somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down for the meditations. If you are sitting near a window I recommend sitting facing the window rather than having the window behind you because it can be hard to see you when the light is directly behind you.

If you sign up at least one week prior to the start of class I will be able to send you out a physical manual. If you sign up last minute you will receive a digital manual. For Divine Light Reiki classes, you receive a PDF file and you can print it if you wish to. If you take the class in person I print the manual for you here at The Reiki Classroom.

If you decide you would rather take the class in person be sure to check out my article about Taking a Reiki Class in East Tennessee. There's lots to see and do here.

If you have questions I offer a free 20 minute online consult to discuss your questions or see if Reiki classes are right for you. Book Here.


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